Grassroots Dems Infatuated With Sen Kamala Harris

Democrats are looking very strong as we approach the 2018 Midterms thanks in large part to the debacle that is the Trump Admin so naturally, a lot of debate has erupted about what lies ahead for Dems past the 2018 Midterms . Specifically, who will carry the mantle for the Dems in 2020. Seasoned politicos have cautioned that talk about 2020 presidential nominations by Yours Truly and others is way too premature, and rightfully so, but given the current political climate(Trump) it is difficult not to prognosticate about 2020. Simply put, Dems are eager to have one of their own in the White House. Additionally, Dems have a lot of very qualified candidates so why not start vetting them early?

It is very important that whoever the Dems nominate in 2020 be a very strong candidate ready for the inevitable GOP attacks. Equally important, the basis of Yours Truly’s blog, is that the DNC know which candidate Grassroots Dems want, and not just who the Mainstream Media pushes. Yours Truly has conducted a lot of polls (#Dem2020Poll) trying to figure out who Grassroots Dems want on the 2020 ticket. The two most popular candidates are Senator Kamala Harris(D-CA) and Rep Joe Kennedy III(D-MA).

Sen Harris and Rep Kennedy poll exceedingly well but it is clear from the numerous polls that if Dems were to settle on the two, they want Sen Harris to be on top of the ticket. Also very instructive from the numerous iterations of the #Dem2020Poll is that whoever is paired with Rep Joe Kennedy III polls very well whether that be Joe Biden, Rep Adam Schiff etc. It appears therefore from the polls that Grassroots Dems may not be ready to put the young Mass. Rep on top of the 2020 ticket but they certainly want him as somebody’s running mate. Message for the DNC therefore, a Grassroots FYI if you will, is that Rep Kennedy III appears to be the Kingmaker. 

As for Sen Kamala Harris, there are a lot of factors that endear her to Grassroots Dems as gleaned from the various comments on the polls. Her prosecutorial background is a major plus for her especially now when we are dealing with a lawless Trump Admin. She is also considered by many as a fresh face in Washington, which is key for Grassroots Dems. Her strong stance on Criminal Justice Reform is also a big plus for her especially given the fact that she has enlisted GOP Senator Rand Paul in that effort. Her ability to reach across the political aisle and work on issues in a bipartisan way is a rare but much needed quality in today’s Washington. I’d be remiss however if I didn’t add that (yeah it’s shallow) a lot of Grassroots Dems also like Sen Harris and Rep Joe Kennedy III because they are–brace yourselves–cute. This is clearly not their strongest sell but in an increasingly pop culture oriented political climate, its a plus for them

Doing away with the niceties, there are also negatives raised concerning a Kamala Harris 2020 run–some of them quite valid. Yours Truly will address in detail some of the negatives raised as to a Kamala Harris run in a future post. Folks remember Yours Truly is a True Blue Dem and the mission here is to build up our bench not to tear it down. When Yours Truly addresses the Kamala Harris negatives it will be SOLELY for the purpose of giving TeamKamala an opportunity to address the issues long before her possible 2020 run. Remember Dems we’re Stronger Together. We are building each other up not tearing each other down

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3 Replies to “Grassroots Dems Infatuated With Sen Kamala Harris”

  1. Greetings,
    Interesting combo’s now & in the past. As a life long Dem who on occasion has voted GOP locally, I am not firmly an Indie. I’m a feminist, strong Black woman & trained w/weapons as a part of my occupation. However, I will Not vote for Biden, Kamala, Cory, Kennedy on any terms. If the Dems choose to put them up, then they can deal w/the likes of a trump.

    Hillary was the most qualified, hands down! However, the Dems FAILED to grasp that many of us were sick & tired of her sense of entitlement, her standing by her man was ok, but targeting the women bill was accused of assaulting was problematic. Pandering to ‘Mothers Of The Movement’ yet I never heard her address the mothers who had lost black sons to other black boys. Intra-racial slayings.

    The Dems were tone deaf: I am liberal, marriage-equality, civil rights 10000%. I am NOT interested in being constantly bombarded w/immigration that is framed as unauthorized. Can the Dems give a few public fxcks for the black boys left behind. The poor white, brown & other races of children as well?

    Trump should be used for target practice in my opinion. However, we are talking about Dems.
    I’m sick of them pandering, selling a bunch of lies while spineless in too many arenas.

    These seem like desperate times: why hasn’t Kamala, Cory, Biden Lead the resistance to rise up and protest by the billions? They are so afraid of losing their money & power that they tweet & talk of legislation.

    I’m not opposed to some progressive policies. We need progress. However, I am centered vs far right or left. Dems have taken my family’s vote for granted for decades. Not again.

    Now, while I despise the GOP in their complicity, corruption, etc., I hold the Dems accountable bc they have gotten my vote 99% of the time. They should be accountable to me. And, they are so busy trying to ensure they maintain their positions AND power, they they will throw the negro under the bus for anyone (Latino’s) that feel can give them the votes needed for power.

    Any politician that speaks to standing for DACA but not for our military & not that poor child in Mississippi or the poor child in Texas or Chicago, who through no fault of their own is stuck in abject poverty, will not get my vote.

    1. I totally understand your concerns about the inner city poor. The sad truth is that no political party can deliver everything to its constituents. Have the Dems done enough to address the inner city problems? Probably not. However you must also consider the alternative–the GOP. I’d rather have the Dems who do something about Black/Minority poverty than the GOP which you know will not do anything. My suggestion, bear with the Dems. Stay with the Dems and fix the home from inside. Thanks

  2. Sen Harris is an attractive(pun intended) candidate. I just don’t think she can beat Trump–who specializes in misogyny and racism. If that brand of politics got him into the WH, I don’t see how he would lose in 2020 to a woman of color. Sad but it is what it is

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