Dangerous Koch Brothers Are Out To Change The U.S. Constitution

Yours Truly has repeatedly stated how The Mercers are and have been a major impediment to the Dem Agenda for a very long time. However the Mercers pale in comparison compared to their fellow Billionaire GOP Super Donors the Koch Brothers–Charles and David Koch. Unlike the Mercers who are using their financial clout to consolidate GOP political power, the Dangerous Kochs are on an entirely radical mission–to mobilize GOP leaning states into doing away with the U.S. Constitution as it’s currently written. To that effect they have enlisted the services of a group called American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The Koch Brothers not only heavily fund ALEC, they sit on its Board.

So what exactly does ALEC do? The answer to that question will shock the average voter because what ALEC and State GOP legislators engage in is so repugnant, its borderline criminal. When voters in Red States (Republican) go out to vote for their state legislators, little do they know that when their elected legislators get to the State Capitols, they are not really governed by the voters wishes, but by this shady group ALEC. ALEC is basically a group of wealthy corporate lobbyists who tell the state legislators what legislation to pass. In many instances, ALEC lobbyists literally write down the proposed legislation themselves and hand them to state legislators to pass them as-is (no changes/edits). This is so repugnant because the Koch Brothers literally use ALEC to subvert the will of the people (Democracy). But subverting Democracy is by no means the end of ALEC/Koch Brothers’ radical agenda. They have now moved on to an even more radical agenda–this time to radically change the U.S. Constitution as its currently written.

The Koch Brothers through ALEC are currently mobilizing Republican-controlled states(with GOP majorities in state legislature) to call for a Convention of States, a rarely used Constitutional mechanism that can be used to change the U.S. Constitution. It gets a little complicated but it boils down to this–if they(Koch Brothers/ALEC) can get 34 state legislatures to hold a Convention of States, they can begin the process of changing the U.S. Constitution. They are deadly close to that magic  34 number–scary stuff indeed. The brilliant Election Integrity Advovcate Jennifer Cohn has done a lot of work in this regard and Yours Truly strongly suggests you check it out. This is the kind of deadly serious stuff the GOP is engaged in but you will never hear it from the mainstream media. Yours Truly will never understand why the DNC never uses this scary stuff to mobilize Dem voters.

As for now folks just remember that the Koch Brothers with their outfit ALEC are up to no good and we need to watch them. Bottom line, Dems must keep their eyes on the Dangerous Koch Brothers and inform voters about their efforts to Change the U.S. Constitution 

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7 Replies to “Dangerous Koch Brothers Are Out To Change The U.S. Constitution”

  1. This is fact, not new. This is not a conspiracy. It sounds crazy because it is, and it’s true.

    1. Yep its 100% real and they(Kochs) are very close to mission accomplished. I’ve never understood why Dem establishment hasn’t screamed about this. Seems to me this would motivate a lot of people to register/vote, even Republicans who rely on SS, Medicare. Hmm

    2. Go to : saveourcontitution.info

      We made a website. We are calling wvery state legislature, commited or not. They can RESCIND! Twitter, Mary Nantell Pearce 5/14/18


    1. Go to : saveourcontitution.info

      We made a website. We are calling wvery state legislature, commited or not. They can RESCIND! Twitter, Mary Nantell Pearce 5/14/18

  3. I don’t know why we’re not hearing about this from the DNC except for poor leadership. Stop concentrating on Trump alone and get rid of the people who are supporting him financially. Speak up about this in order to help get voters even more motivated. This is crazy. I am calling AND writing my reps in Congress today.

  4. I want to know why we are not hearingbabout this debacle on the National News sites or the cable news sites. No one is talking about it. The Kochs have 28 states and need 34. Then if that happens they call a Convention of the States to ruin a 230 year old document.ALEC wants National Evangelical Religion, Kochs balanced budget. More. Google everything. It is awful ! http://www.saveourconstitution.info

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