Trump Administration Locking Migrant Children In Cages

In a previous post Yours Truly called on Congressional Democrats to demand an immediate end to Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy for its evil/inhumane practice of ripping migrant children from their parents upon apprehension at the southern U.S. border. This is a policy that the United Nations has called a violation of human rights and most recently torture so Dems must not hold any punches over it. It is quite encouraging to see highly influential figures in the Democratic Party like former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton forcefully voicing their opposition to this evil “Zero Tolerance” policy and Congressional Dems should follow their lead.

However Dems must also expose an even more troubling aspect of this already abominable “Zero Tolerance” policy which is that the Trump Admnistration is putting Migrant Children in cages–like animals.

This is simply unacceptable in the United States of America, let alone any civilized society. Part of the Dem opposition to the evil “Zero Tolerance” policy has to be this sickening practice of putting migrant children in cages. Quite frankly at this point, Dems have no otherwise but to join Sen Kamala Harris in calling for the immediate resignation of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

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4 Replies to “Trump Administration Locking Migrant Children In Cages”

  1. Funny that Hillary would speak out against a process that her hubby put into effect in 1997 and put the blame at Trump’s feet. Hmmm, how convenient!

  2. Wow, being a journalist and everything, you’d think you’d fact check your sources, or realize the date a photo was actually taken. For instance the very first photo in your article is Palestinian kids in Israel back in 2010. Your credibility has been obliterated right off the bat. We wonder why the phrase “fake news” is around? It’s because the media is untrustworthy, and publishes straight up lies, Like you just did.

  3. All these photos of children in cages were taken while Obama was president. Obama pub children in dog cages.

  4. Is there an article about, “Obama administration locking migrant children in cages”?
    Or, “Biden administration locking migrant children in cages”?

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