$26 Million Of Trump’s Inaugural Funds Was Paid To Melania’s Friend

Stephanie Wolkoff & Melania Trump

A recent plea deal by a GOP operative Sam Patten in the ongoing TrumpRussia investigation has brought renewed attention to the very questionable funds that flowed into Trump’s inauguration–a reported $107 million. Yours Truly recently wrote about this.

What Yours Truly failed to point out and has been brought to his attention is that part of these mysterious inauguration funds– a cool $26 million–
went to a firm belonging to Melania Trump’s friend Stephanie Wolkoff for “event planning”. 

At the time of the $26 million payment, Stephanie Wolkoff was a Senior Adviser to First Lady Melania Trump, which by itself raises a whole host of ethical questions which you would think would attract a lot of mainstream media attention. Strangely it hasn’t.

Bottom line as we dig deeper into the mysterious $107 million that was pumped into Trump’s inauguration, we must also get to the bottom of the $26 million that was paid to Melania’s friend for “event planning”. This is such an exhorbitant expense that it fits the pattern often witnessed in money laundering cases.

It cannot also be left unsaid that the same mainstream media which hounded Hillary Clinton over the whitewater land deal is yet to ask Melania a single question about this mysterious $26 million that her friend got for “event planning”—the hapless MSM indeed!!

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8 Replies to “$26 Million Of Trump’s Inaugural Funds Was Paid To Melania’s Friend”

  1. Thomas Barrack paid that money (according to her) — he was in charge of the Inauguration. His assistant, who also worked for his realty company after the campaign ended and until his indictment, was Rick Gates.

      1. Melania is controlled by the criminal, Donald J. Trump. At first, I thought that Melania got all the money for her clothes. That whole trump family, friends and cohorts, are criminals and have stolen many, many tax dollars along with campaign dollars. No one has held them accountable until now. The bottom line: imprison all of them. That is the only way to get rid of the disease!

  2. Got to admire the chutzpah but seriously…using your own presidential inauguration budget to launder crime-sourced money! Could anyone show more disrespect for the office of president?…or more contempt for America?

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