The 22 GOP Senators Up For Reelection In 2020

22 GOP U.S. Senators are up for reelection in 2020. This gives a tremendous advantage to Democrats who only have to defend 12 Senate seats, especially given the concerns a lot of Americans have about the Trump presidency in battleground states. Below is a Handy List of the 22 GOP Senators up for reelection in 2020

As it currently stands the U.S. Senate comprises 52 Republicans and 46 Democrats with 2 Independents who caucus with Democrats, so technically 52-48. To take over the U.S. Senate in 2020, Democrats will need a net gain of 3 Senate seats–a very achievable goal.

Of the 12 Senate Democrats up for reelection, Doug Jones of Alabama is the most vulnerable. The other 11 are in states that typically lean Democratic.

On the Republican side the most vulnerable Senators are Susan Collins(ME), Cory Gardner(CO) and Martha McSally(AZ) plus there are two open seats in Kansas and Tennessee where the incumbent Republicans have chosen not to run in 2020.

It’s also worth pointing out that even though Texas has traditionally voted Republican in Presidential cycles, the recent cliffhanger between Beto O’Rouke and Republican senator Ted Cruz means incumbent Senator John Cornyn’s seat is not a sure bet for Republicans in 2020. This means Dems have a very good shot at flipping 4-5 GOP senate seats in 2020

Bottom line, 2020 presents Democrats with a great opportunity to recapture the U.S. Senate. Dems however must not be complacent but instead contest every U.S. Senate seat to get as close as possible to the magic 60 number.

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24 Replies to “The 22 GOP Senators Up For Reelection In 2020”

  1. Tried to locate a way to contact you directly, and failed. Have to leave a comment, instead.

    Please correct Perdue’s name (you have it as Purdue).

  2. As a registered republican, I will never vote republican again in the 2020 election. You are a disgrace to the American people for not doing your duty and standing up to Trump. He is a liar and you go along with what he says. Take responsibility and remember the oath that you took to stand for the American people.
    Take for instance the gun control. Trump gets a call from the NRA and he backs down on stricter universal background checks. We as the American people are fed up with the Republican congress. What of all the lives that have been slaughtered with the automatic weapons. We need action and these guns have to go. We are no longer in the 17th century where guns were needed for our safety. Do you not have a conscience? Think of the families who have lost their loved ones.

    Do your job or resign.

    A dissatisfied republican voter.

    Beverly A. Buszka

    1. The same here! I was a Republican for 40+ years, until trump came along. I’ve grown so disgusted by the GOP and how corrupt they have come since Trump has been president! The whole party has gone to hell in a handbasket. I can’t officially change my affiliation until trump is up for re-election. But you can better believe I will become a Democrat at that time! My father was a lifelong Democrat, and my sister is a major trump supporter and so is most of her family. He always said where did I go wrong with having 2 daughters being Republican’s! He passed away 14 years ago, so I feel that he’d be pretty happy that I’m changing parties! Needless to say, when they start up with politics, I head out the door! I’m not going to argue with them, and her one son just loves getting under my skin! So why even bother going to family functions when I just get pissed off and leave. It’s a 120 mile round trip, so its just not worth it! So here’s to 2020, and the demise of the Republican party! It’s only 11 months away, and hopefully we can succeed in unseating 22 Republican Senators who are up for re-election at time!!

      1. You should be able to go the your local supervisor of elections at any time to change your party affiliation. I did… and I’ve never been more involved in politics. trump is owned by the russian mafia and he’s a traitor to the US.

    2. Well said and thanks for speaking your mind! My wife and I have ask that question for 3 years now. It doesn’t matter which party,someone needs to rid us this joke of a potus!!

    3. I don’t think care any longer it’s now the Trump party! All the years I’ve respected the President elected I respect the process but for for the life of me I just cannot support this guy! To lie to cheat to mock or talk bad about people alive or dead is not what a President is!

  3. All Republicans elected before The Trump administration are open border global corporate stooges. They only show their true colors when ever they believe Washington elites have him on the ropes. They’r cagey & corrupt who’s only mission is to get opwn border globalism back on course

  4. These people need voted out! They have done NOTHING but obstruct for the past 10 years….

    Lets get our great country back on track and be the best leaders and supporters again! We need to start taking care of people and stop spreading HATE!

    Vote the OUT

  5. As a Registered Republican voter I will not vote republican in 2020, Disgrace is what I call Trumps presidency and the world is laughing at us. I am kicking myself for voting Trump in 2016. You won’t fool me again.

  6. Trump is Impeached but our work is still not finished. We must continue the fight for a FAIR trial in the Senate. Call or write your senators and demand it. Let them know what McConnell is doing is wrong and against everything the Constitution stands for. He needs a majority to stop a trial; let’s not give it to him. It’s time for OUR senators to hear from us. Call or write them. Demand a fair senate trail with witnesses and evidence.

  7. I am embarrassed by the GOP, now the Party of Trump (or is is McConnell?) and no longer the Republican party of Regan. The impeachment hearings are a perfect example. DEMAND witnesses! Let’s get Trump’s closest advisers under oath, let’s see the evidence (written or oral). Let’s DEMAND the senate set the high moral and ethical bar of how impeachment trials should be done…utilize the Chief Justice and allow the Chief Justice to rule on relevancy of a proposed witnesses. The democrats are making a mockery of the Republican party, and we are allowing it. Get with it senators!

  8. Rich Mitch, Mrs. Lindsey, shakey Susan Collins and a few others need to be put out of office after allowing Trump to stay in the White house. I remember these words from Mrs. Lindsey Graham, in 2016 said Trump was a nut job, Race- baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. Moscow Mitch he goes where the money is, and Collins she only hope and prays that Trump learned his lesson. None really care about the country, it all about them.

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