C.J. Roberts Set To Rule On Ethics Complaints Against Kavanaugh

An interesting piece by CNN Legal Analyst Joan Biskupic says Justice Brett Kavanaugh is not yet in the clear regarding the various ethics complaints that were lodged against him before he ascended to the U.S. Supreme Court

According to the CNN piece, following the dismissal of all the 83 ethics complaints filed against Kavanaugh, some of them were appealed and now rest with Chief Justice John Roberts. This means it is Chief Justice Roberts who will make the final decision on the ethics complaints.

Many people including Yours Truly thought the issue with the ethics complaints was long settled after the lower court dismissed them because Kavanaugh was no longer a federal appeals court justice. Turns out per CNN’s Joan Biskupic, Justice Kavanaugh is not off the hook yet.

Bottom line, the explosive circumstances surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation means Chief Justice Roberts cannot just ignore the ethical complaints. He will have to address these complaints for the sake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s integrity. According to the CNN piece there is no time limit as to when we should expect a verdict from Chief Justice Roberts so to borrow Maddow’s phrase, watch this space.

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