Only 9% Of Kentuckians Donating To McConnell’s Campaign

Democrat Amy McGrath’s Senatorial camoaign has just landed on some very exciting news in the form of a Courier-Journal piece which says of the $3 million Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell raised in the last quarter, only 9% came from Kentucky donors–the people he purportedly represents in the U.S. Senate. It turns out, according to the piece that a huge chunk of Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign dollars came from big corporate donors in New York and Texas. This is not a good story for Mitch McConnell especially given the fact that his Democratic challenger Amy McGrath is raising most of her money from grassroots Kentucky voters. McGrath’s campaign knows it and have seized upon this report as is evidenced from her Tweet below.

It is well known in politics that while donations are a good indicator of political energy in a campaign, one should not read too much into them. In this particular case, a forceful argument can be made that because Amy McGrath is getting most of her donations from grassroots Kentucky voters as opposed to big corporate interests, she is more attuned to the local Kentucky voter than her rival Mitch McConnell. This is certainly a good start for Amy McGrath and hopefully she can build on this message that she is the “candidate for Kentuckians” as opposed to Mitch McConnell who is bankrolled by corporate interests from out of state. The fact that McConnell has been in Washington for eternity also plays in Amy McGrath’s favor because she can forcefully make the case that Washington is broken and needs a fresh face to fix it.

Bottom line the Kentucky Senate race is undoubtedly one of the marque races in 2020 alongside Maine(Susan Collins) and Texas (John Cornyn). Coincidentally, an almost similar story came out a few months ago about Senator Collins saying that most of her campaign contributions are coming from corporate donors outside Maine and that her approval numbers in Maine are way below what they have consistently been for years. Will 2020 be the end of the political careers of the two Washington veterans McConnell and Collins? Their polling and campaign contribution patterns certainly seem to suggest so. Is Yours Truly reading too much into early poll numbers and campaign contributions? Time will tell or as Trump famously says, “We’ll see what happens.”

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    1. supports Amy McGrath for Senate but has NO affiliation to her campaign. You should visit McGrath’s campaign website and donate there for her

  1. What a poor headline! It makes it sound like 9% of all Kentuckians contributed to his campaign. What they meant was that only 9% of McConnell’s campaign contributions CAME FROM Kentuckians.

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