Scaramucci:”We Have A Full Blown Lunatic In The White House”

Former Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci today appeared on MSNBC’s AMJoy show and made the bombshell allegation that “we have a full blown lunatic in the White House.” This was of course in reference to President Trump with whom he is currently feuding and apparently recruiting a primary opponent against for the 2020 elections.

Concerns as to whether Scaramucci’s latest allegations can be taken seriously are valid especially given the fact that he has been for quite a while a very loyal defender of the President against the very kind of allegations he is currently making(mental unfitness). The problem however is that very credible professionals have also raised questions about President Trump’s mental fitness for office.

The question therefore is not whether we should believe Scaramucci but rather, what we are going to do about the very serious and existential threat of president Trump’s mental state? How many medical professionals have to give us flashing red warning signs before Congress starts to address this topic? There’s already talk about impeaching President Trump over a whole host of other reasons. Why not include mental unfitness in that list?

Bottom line folks, politicians have been known to say some of the wackiest things. We all know however that what is going on with President Trump is beyond wacky and deep into the 25th amendment realm–especially after his ridiculous “I am The Chosen One” comment–an out and out blasphemy. This latest outburst was so ridiculous that he has apparently taken it back claiming that he was just being sarcastic. Trump rarely takes his public comments back regardless of how ridiculous they sound meaning he must have realized how insane it appears to the public to have someone in his position refer to himself as “The Chosen One”

Simply put folks, the next time the topic of impeachment pops up, House Democrats must throw in the fact that Trump is simply mentally unfit to be president. Maybe, just maybe, this would be enough for Speaker Pelosi to finally hop on the impeachment train. Don’t bet the house on it though.

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11 Replies to “Scaramucci:”We Have A Full Blown Lunatic In The White House””

  1. Pelosi is completely impotent. They dont do anything to stop the madness. She should have defended her fellow congress members. But she continues to allow Trump to run amok and unchecked. Pelosi is bought and paid for. Money and greed is what our government stands for. Not it’s people.

    1. Pelosi is smarter than any one of those in Congress. She knows so close to the election it would be impotent to do anything. Plus Trump hadn’t done impeachable until The Ukraine call. Just because you don’t like his policies, yes he is evil, until lately NOTHING IMPEACHABLE! If you want to go after a malevolent presentence in Congress, take on McConnell.

  2. But nothing is ever being done about Trump and we hear bad news about him every day. Get something done, throw him out of office, impeach him, perhaps arrest him for something, oh and he cheats at golf too. The End.

    1. I bet when you last played golf with TRUMP , you saw him cheat on his score board. I bet you did that’s why you are so brilliant.

  3. The same people that are trying so hard to make Drumpf seem normal are the same people that created the Tea party, hair on fire when President Obama did anything, down to the infamous tan suit. If we as citizens are responsible for abiding by the law of the land, then the top cop himself should be held to the highest standards of all. He is running the country like he’s ran every business his Daddy ever gave him, into the ground. He always been bully and a Conman, now he’s got an entire mob party willing to lie, cheat and steal just to prove that they can get away with it. Just remember Mueller netted a bunch of Witches from that wacky cast of Cons. The winners circle didn’t win much.

  4. We have a dangerous sociopath—malignant narcissist with an anti-personal disorder leaning toward psychotic. This has been obvious to most of us with a college degree since before he took office. In the past three years, he has become worse. His words and attitude at rallies have enabled people to bring their racism out of the closet. Where he has had rallies, racial violence has increased well over 200%. He has demonstrated a cruel streak approaching sadism by the separation of children from their parents and caging them in deplorable conditions without even the barest of amenities.
    While he cut taxes for the rich, he takes away food stamps from those in need. He claims it’s to reduce fraud. The real fraud is at the top among the greedy rich with whom he likes to rub shoulders and be adored.
    Mentally, he’s a very sick person with limited intellectual skills. As a retired teacher, I recognize his poor attempts to hide his laziness, illiteracy and lack of basic knowledge a college graduate should have. His repeated failures in business are being repeated by his thoughtless spending of taxpayer money on his golfing excursions costing millions of dollars unnecessarily while cutting back on the aid to the homeless, veterans, the poor, the elderly, the children. He acts like a spoiled child when he doesn’t get his way by throwing tantrums. He has gone through life getting ahead by cheating and stepping others. His grandiose opinion of himself is laughable. The most dangerous terrorist in the world today lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. He has made enemies of our allies and allied himself with dictators whom he wishes to emulate. In his world there is no strength in compassion or basic humanity.
    I believe our nation seemed stronger to the rest of the world when we treated other people with kindness and compassion. The man shows no sign of having a conscience. He’s a menace and a clear and present danger to the world. This nation can only begin to regain the respect Trump has lost for us by not only impeaching him—but by removing him and trying him for his crimes against humanity. The United States of America cannot be led by a war criminal and be looked up to by the rest of the world.

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