SCOTUS Packing–The Ultimate Dem Troll Topic

Republicans have lately celebrated Trump’s uncanny ability to endlessly troll Democrats, driving them absolutely nuts whether that be through his tweets, wacky things he says, insults etc. Strangely, it is this unique quality that endears Trump to some of his most ardent fans. Well it turns out Democrats have lately discovered their own ultimate GOP troll topic and that is the idea of Supreme Court packing--raising the number of Supreme Court seats from the current 9 to 11 seats(some even proposing 15). Folks if you ever want to piss off/get even with a Trump-Republican, just bring up the Supreme Court packing topic. You might have to run for cover.

There are many reasons why Trump Republicans find the idea of Supreme Court packing so offensive. The most obvious is the fact that a lot of conservatives who backed Trump in 2016 essentially suspended all their long-held principles using the argument “it’s all about the Supreme Court.” Therefore the thought that they may have made this huge sacrifice for nothing is very troubling to them and understandably so.

There is also the issue of practicality. America is growing diverse with every single passing day while the GOP is getting older and Whiter. Unless the GOP makes a very dramatic shift soon, a reasonable inference can be made that the Democratic Party will fare better under a more diverse electorate than the GOP. In other words if the current demographics trajectory continues, the Democratic Party benefits more electorally than the GOP. More importantly, it means in the very near future we will have a conservative Supreme Court that will be out of step with the country’s political majority.

This will create the perfect climate for the party in power(presumably Democrats) to “do something” about a Supreme Court that’s “not in step” with the rest of the country. In other words, whereas Supreme Court packing appears a radical topic at this juncture, a lot of Republicans know it may not be as radical in the very near future. As a matter of fact a group of Democratic Senators recently made this exact argument in a recent filing with the Supreme Court–that the American public will soon demand changes at the High Court.

The fact that smart Republicans know Supreme Court packing is actually a very practical proposal is driving them nuts. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans have worked so hard and employed a lot of chicanery in the process (Gorsuch & Kavanaugh) to achieve a conservative Supreme Court. The prospect of all this “hard work” going to waste when Democrats pack the Supreme Court is understandably annoying. You recently saw how super Trump-Republican Lindsey Graham blew a gasket over Supreme Court packing talk

Bottom line folks, whether Supreme Court packing is a topic Democrats are just throwing out there to piss off Trump-Republicans or one they are actively working on remains to be seen. Yours Truly is certainly enjoying the heartburn this ultimate Dem troll topic is causing Trump-Republicans. Maybe, just maybe, this will cause Senate Republicans to deal fairly with Democrats in the unfortunate event that Trump is called upon to fill yet another Supreme Court seat.

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