Trump Admin Deporting Children On Cancer Care

Brazilian Sirlen Costa consoles her critically ill 5 year old son who now faces deportation under new Trump admin policy of denying medical deferred action.

Just when you though the Trump administration could not possibly embark on an immigration policy more cruel that the child separation policy, we now find out courtesy of a shocking Boston Globe piece, that they plan to deport immigrants currently under medical care for diseases as serious as cancer.

America has traditionally granted immigrants faced with such severe medical needs deferral from deportation on humanitarian grounds. The reasoning is simple–deporting such migrants to their often poorer countries of origin while they are critically sick is for all intents and purposes handing them a death sentence. Turns out for Trump and the “evangelicals” who support him, effectively handing out death sentences to critically ill immigrants is justified because it is “good for the base”–sickening!!

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) said it best when describing this latest inhumane immigration policy by the Trump administration; “We have now reached the bottom — the most inhumane of all of Donald Trump’s policies.” Ronnie Millar, executive director of the Irish International Immigrant Center said “Just when you think the administration can’t sink any lower, it finds a new way to torture our immigrant children and families.”

Bottom line folks, as we saw with the evil child separation policy, even though Democrats have few options in terms of congressional power, grassroots immigration activism has proven to be very effective. Where, as here, a U.S. administration embarks on a cruel and inhumane policy of deporting children on cancer care, congressional Democrats must step out of their lofty perches in Washington and join immigration activists nationwide in pushing back on this and other inhumane policies of the Trump administration. Simply put, Dems must not let Trump hand out death sentences to immigrants with serious medical needs.

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