Rep Speier: Trump Is Pimping For Himself Or Putin

In one of the most hilarious political segments Yours Truly has heard on cable TV in a long time, Rep Jackie Speier (D-CA) told MSNBC host Chris Matthews that President Trump wants the next G7 Summit held at his Doral Golf Resort because “he[Trump] is pimping either on behalf of himself or Vladimir Putin.” Apparently Yours Truly was not the only one who found the “pimping” phrase exceedingly funny because host Chris Matthews and the other guests also couldn’t contain their laughter following her statement The full Hardball with Chris Matthews segment is available here but the relevant clip is below.

Specifically, Rep Speier said, “He [Trump] says that Vladimir Putin should be brought back into the G7. And then he starts talking about Doral….Once again, he’s pimping on behalf of himself or on behalf of Vladimir Putin…”

We are accustomed to hearing Democrats and some in the mainstream media expressing their frustrations about the flagrant corruption of the Trump administration using phrases like “conflict of interest”, “emoluments clause” etc. It was therefore very funny and quite honestly very refreshing to hear Rep Speier use the colloquial “pimping” phrase to describe President Trump’s seemingly endless efforts to use the Presidency to profit himself and his family.

Maybe, just maybe, the “pimping” phrase will annoy Trump enough to make him start abiding by the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. I know–wishful thinking–but Rep Speier thanks for the laugh nonetheless. Made my day.

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