DHS Harassing Pastor For Ministering To Migrants

Rev Kaji Dousa

In yet another troubling case of abuse of surveillance powers by the Department of Homeland Security, we now find out that the agency is harassing a Christian Pastor Rev Kaji Dousa, subjecting her to among other things heightened surveillance simply because she ministers to migrants and laments the cruel immigration policies of the Trump administration

The details of DHS’ troubling intimidation tactics against Rev Kaji Dousa are laid out in a federal lawsuit she filed on 7/8/2019 which we will definitely keep track of.

Yours Truly has repeatedly warned about how DHS has become nothing more than a political tool of the Trump administration used to wage war against those it perceives as anti-Trump and thus in their warped reasoning, anti-American. This is one of the gravest abuses of surveillance powers by DHS that is playing out in every major U.S. city today with seemingly no pushback from House Democrats or even the mainstream media.

Some of the worst surveillance abuses by DHS on people of color are occurring in Texas not only because it is a border state and home to a lot of immigrants, but also because the state falls under the 5th Circuit Court jurisdiction–a rightwing federal appeals court that has traditionally been indifferent to the plight of poor minorities. DHS is fully aware that whatever complaint is lodged against them in Texas for illegal surveillance will not attract the attention of the 5th Circuit Court or it’s associated district courts–a total travesty of justice. Consequently there is no impetus for DHS to stop targeting minorities with illegal surveillance.

Some civil rights groups like Color of Change and others have pushed back against illegal surveillance on minority activists by DHS and FBI with limited success. With every single passing day it is becoming clear that the problem of illegal surveillance for intimidation purposes has to be addressed by Congress and the mainstream media.

Bottom line, it should go without saying that DHS targeting people with illegal surveillance for engaging in conduct perfectly within their first amendment rights is patently unconstitutional. The bigger injustice is the continued silence by House Democrats and the mainstream media in the face of DHS’ troubling conduct. The U.S. Supreme Court should also start cracking the whip on the 5th Circuit Court for the strange indifference with which the court handles illegal surveillance claims against DHS by minorities.

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