Epstein Pressured ABC News Not To Air Guiffre Interview

A bombshell NPR piece confirms what many have suspected all along–that the strange editorial decision by ABC News to sit on an interview with Epstein’s accuser Virginia Giuffre for 4 years was as a result of pressure from Epstein. Specifically, according to the NPR piece, it was Epstein’s high-powered attorney Alan Dershowitz who personally called ABC producers telling them not to air the interview.

There have been a lot of media reports about the clout Jeffrey Epstein commanded in political circles especially his ties to current President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton. This bombshell NPR piece reveals however that Epstein also wielded significant clout in mainstream media circles.

The NPR piece for example recounts how in 2003, Epstein showed up at Vanity Fair’s offices and harassed then Chief Editor Graydon Carter over his plans to publish a piece critical of him. There is also an account of a 2010 party Epstein held at his Manhattan townhome in honor of Britain’s Prince Andrew that was attended by major news anchors Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose.

Epstein clearly had a lot of clout in the mainstream media to draw these heavyweight news anchors to his house party. It is against this backdrop that the public is demanding answers as to who at ABC News made the decision to sit on Giuffre’s interview for four long years. We know that Guiffre recorded an hour long interview in 2015 with ABC’s Amy Robach and Jim Hill. The question now is who at ABC News made the decision not to air the interview and why? Did Dershowitz threaten ABC News with a lawsuit?

Bottom line folks, the same way the Epstein saga has raised questions about the criminal justice system, it is also raising questions about mainstream media coverage. Do rich and powerful people pressure mainstream media houses not to cover otherwise newsworthy stories they deem critical of them? How prevalent are these journalistic malpractices? All these are important questions that need to be answered and getting to the bottom of why ABC News sat on an Epstein interview for 4 long years would go a long way in doing that.

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