The Cosby And Trump Drugging Disparity

Iconic Black entertainer Bill Cosby was convicted in April 2018 of 3 counts of sexual assault. Cosby’s trial, as expected, generated quite a lot of media coverage given his celebrity status as an entertainer and a role model for many Blacks. The accusations against the legendary comedian were that from the period spanning 1980 to 2004, he drugged several unsuspecting women, who he then sexually assaulted. According to several media reports, he would slip drugs into their drinks and then assault them once they had lost their faculties. This is without a doubt very troubling conduct and the public was right to be outraged at Cosby, who prior to these accusations had maintained a very clean public image.

What is becoming very disturbing however is the shocking disparity with which our criminal justice system deals with people of color as opposed to their White counterparts. We’ve all seen the troubling comparisons on social media where the Black defendants (usually poor) get outrageously harsh sentences while White defendants (usually rich) literally get away with seemingly more egregious crimes. This Tweet below is just one recent example.

It is against this backdrop of shocking disparities in our criminal justice system that people are now beginning to ask why society shunned legendary Black comedian Bill Cosby for drugging and sexually assaulting women while the current President Donald Trump, a White man, is literally getting away with even more egregious conduct. There have been numerous media reports that back in the the 1980s and 90s then businessman Trump used to host drug filled parties where he would hook up young models (as young as 15) with rich older men.

Some of the people who attended these drug-filled parties that Trump hosted described them like this to members of the media. “The girls were as young as 15…….over their heads, they had no idea, and they ended up in situations. There were always dramas because the men threw money and drugs at them to keep them enticed. It’s based on power and dominating girls who can’t push back and can be discarded. There’s always someone to pick them back up. Nobody wants to call home and say ‘Help me.’” –An Excerpt from the Daily Beast piece in the Tweet above.

There is no way anybody looking at this description of Trump’s drug-filled parties would not arrive at the conclusion that what was happening there was essentially drugging and sexual assault of minors–conduct far worse in severity than what Bill Cosby was accused of. Bill Cosby and Trump are both wealthy men of roughly the same age. The allegations leveled against Bill Cosby were from 3 decades ago, much like the troubling incidents described in Trump’s drug-filled parties. Reasonable people will agree that everything considered, Trump definitely engaged in much more egregious conduct 30 years ago than Bill Cosby because his conduct involved minors (as young as 14). He essentially facilitated the drugging and sexual abuse of young models, given these media reports.

How then can society tear down Black Bill Cosby, ruining everything he has earned all these years, while at the same time celebrating White Trump who engaged in more egregious conduct involving minors? Why is Bill Cosby now a felon and considered scum of the earth by many women (MeToo) movement while Trump is celebrated and enjoys 80% support of White Evangelicals, a lot of whom are parents to young girls? Remember even if the defense is that Trump never personally engaged in any assault of young models, these were his parties, and by all accounts he attended them and knew everything that happened in them. Therefore at the very least, he facilitated the drugging and sexual assault of minors—conduct still far worse than Cosby’s

Bottom line folks, as we approach the 2020 elections there needs to be a reckoning with Trump’s sordid past. We cannot have a situation where the mainstream media keeps dredging up many troubling incidents involving politicians that happened decades ago while totally ignoring very troubling incidents in the President’s past. Its about time the mainstream media started confronting Trump over whether he hosted parties where minors were given drugs and sexually assaulted. If this kind of behavior was enough for the mainstream media and quite frankly the MeToo movement to tear down an Iconic Black man like Bill Cosby, disillusioning millions of Black men who looked up to him, then the mainstream media and the MeToo movement need to explain to the public why it is OK for Trump to host parties where minors were drugged and sexually assaulted.

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