Who Are The 1,000 People Listed In Epstein’s Address Book

Back in September, a federal judge intimated that she was inclined to release the names of the 1,000-plus people the now deceased accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had listed in his address book. Epstein’s contentious address book is part of a defamation lawsuit filed in 2015 by one of his accusers Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Because it is assumed by the general public that whoever Epstein listed in his address book was either a participant or a witness to his child sex trafficking schemes, the news that the federal judge was set to release the names in the address book was very welcome news to the public.

This is especially so due to the fact that Epstein’s suicide in August had raised fears that without his personal testimony, the public would never know which powerful individuals partook in his illicit global rendezvous where children were sexually abused. It was for this reason that Epstein’s suicide drew wild public speculation of a cover-up.

At a court hearing in the beginning of September, the federal judge presiding in the lawsuit intimated that she was inclined to release the names of the people listed in Epstein’s address book and urged any opposing motions to be filed quickly. This to the public was a signal that the address book would be public before the end of September or sometime in October. Well, October is drawing to a close and there’s still no decision on the address book leading many to reignite the cover-up speculations that followed Epstein’s suicide.

Bottom line, as Yours Truly stated in an earlier post, Epstein was a test case for the U.S. criminal justice system. The test was whether someone as rich and powerful as Epstein could face punishment commensurate with the seriousness of his crimes. His suicide in prison has robbed the public of an answer to this question. All that remains is his priced address book. Will the public also be robbed of an opportunity to see who Epstein listed in his address book? As Trump famously says, “We’ll see what happens.”

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