$1.5 Trillion Worth Of $100 Bills Are Unaccounted For

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with his wife Louise Linton

A bombshell Yahoo News piece says a staggering $1.5 trillion worth of U.S. dollar bills, predominantly the $100 bills(C-notes) are unaccounted for. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was confronted with this question on Fox Business Network (FBN) where he gave the explanation that weak economies around the world are increasingly using the U.S. dollar, meaning the missing $100 bills are probably sitting in bank vaults around the world.

Specifically, Sec Mnuchin told FBN’s Lou Dobbs,“Literally, a lot of these $100 bills are sitting in bank vaults all over the world…..The dollar is the reserve currency of the world, and everybody wants to hold dollars…….And the reason why they want to hold dollars is because the U.S. is a safe place to have your money, to invest and to hold your assets…….There’s a lot of Benjamins all over the world.” ($100 bills are colloquially referred to as “Benjamins” because they bear the picture of founding father Benjamin Franklin)

Reasonable people will agree that Secretary Mnuchin’s explanation, that the $100 bills are probably sitting in bank vaults worldwide, is very plausible. The question he was never asked however, is why we are having this problem now? Weak economies around the world have been using U.S. currency way before the Trump administration. Were the $100 bills also unaccounted for prior to the Trump administration? Yours Truly, always ahead of the curve, raised this question on Twitter.

Bottom line folks, we have witnessed shocking levels of corruption in the 3 short years Trump has been President. Under any other normal U.S. administration, the explanation given by Sec Mnuchin would be sufficient. Given the fact that the Trump administration has exhibited shocking levels of corruption, most notably the disappearance of $40 million of inaugural funds, congressional Democrats and the mainstream media owe it to the public to press Secretary Mnuchin for more answers regarding the missing Benjamins.

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11 Replies to “$1.5 Trillion Worth Of $100 Bills Are Unaccounted For”

    1. If there is 1.5 trillion dollars in hundred dollar bills. That is easy enough to follow, as I’m sure you have the serial numbers that belong to each bill.
      So looks like it’s time you do the same as you did when D.B. Cooperdid his hijacking and that is to FOLLOW THE SERIAL NUMBERS….PUT ALL POINTS BULLITN out for the serial numbers and track them down.

  1. Why are $1.5 trillion C notes missing? Mnuchin said they are being hoarded by other countries’ in their vaults. That’s very interesting. How do they determine $100 bills are not in circulation around the world, or is that an answer to circumvent the question?
    After investigating, there has been trillions of dollars fudged in the books and they came up with the Space Force to make an entity for the secret funneling the money.

    Interview 1497 – Catherine Austin Fitts on Where the Missing Trillions Are Going : The Corbett Report
    Interview 1497 – Catherine Austin Fitts on Where the Missing Trillions Are…
    Interview 1497 – Catherine Austin Fitts on Where the Missing Trillions Are Going : The Corbett Report

  2. I’m curious that Ilhan Omar was blasted as antisemitic for using the term “Benjamins ” when we all know it’s a common term for the 100 dollar bill.

  3. The missing cash is in an underground vault on Cyprus in a bank owned by Russian oligarchs who own #TraitorTrump and all his debt.

  4. Makes me think of those skids of bricks of Benjamins in Baghdad that were carted away by the bucketload by Friends of Dick.

  5. If anyone wants to know, $1.5T is three tractor trailers loaded with $100 bills taking up the space of a typical football field.

    1. Trump’s henchmen and cronies have been Skimming the till all this time to pay his debts to Putin and to use for his reelection campaign.
      You wait and see it will surface when Trump says he’s got X amount of money just donated to his reelection. The bastard is going to use everything he can to buy his reelection and I pray every damn day the bastard gets a stroke or a meteor falls right on him right where he stands! ??☄?

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