Did Saudis Bribe Trump For Military Support?

In a recent sit down interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, President Trump made a startling revelation about his dealings with the Saudi government that has left many people wondering whether the oil rich kingdom is bribing Trump for U.S. military assistance.

Trump told Laura Ingraham, “We’re sending more [troops] to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is paying us for it. We’re doing something that nobody has ever done. I said to Saudi Arabia,….listen, you are a very rich country, you want more troops, I’m going to send them to you but you have to pay us. They are paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank. We are going to help them but these rich countries have to pay for them.”

There is no other way to interpret Trump’s remarks other than the Saudi’s requested U.S. military assistance and Trump, cogniizant of their immense wealth, asked the Kingdom to pay for the militsry assistance–essentially a bribe. According to Trump, the Saudis have already deposited $1 billion in some unspecified account.

You don’t have to take Yours Truly’s word for it. It appears AM Joy’s host Joy Reid came away with the same impression after watching Trump’s interview with Laura Ingraham. Joy Reid told her guest Rep Barbara Lee (D-CA) that Trump “talks about the military as if they are a mercenary force that he can loan out or sell out to other countries for money.”

Because this is a serious issue that involves the military, the U.S. Congress has a duty to get to the bottom of Trump’s startling revelation. Was this just another Trump bald-faced lie, or did he accidentally reveal a real scandal?

Bottom line folks, we ask and demand so much from our precious men and women in the armed forces. We owe them a solemn commitment that when we send them overseas to risk their lives and limbs for us, it will strictly be for our national security purposes and not as security guards for rich foreign tyrants as, this current situation suggests. Members of congress must get to the bottom of this $1 billion bank deposit.

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