GOP Sen Burr And His Brother-In-Law Suspected Of Covid-19 Insider Trading

Senator Richard Burr(R-NC), Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee

In case you missed it, there was a bombshell revelation on MSNBC’s AM Joy show by ProPublica’s Robert Faturechi, that the chairman of the senate intelligence committee Richard Burr(R-NC), may have fed his brother-in-law Gerald Fauth, who is Trump’s appointee to the national mediation board, with confidential covid-19 information, which Fauth then used to make profitable stock trades. Interestingly, Senator Burr’s brother-in-law made the questionable stock trades on the very same day Senator Burr dumped a significant portion of his stock, a strange coincidence that is sure to catch the attention of investigators, congressional and otherwise.

ProPublica’s Robert Faturechi told host Joy Reid, “Senator Burr sold a significant portion of his stock holdings on February 13th. What we [ProPublica] discovered last week was that his brother in law Gerald Fauth who is on the National Mediation Board and therefore needs to disclose his securities trading as well, sold on the exact same day between $97,000 and $280,000 worth of stock. I gave Gerald Fauth a call…..I asked him if he and Senator Burr coordinated and he immediately hung up on me.”

You’ll remember recent media reports that Senators Burr, Kelly Loeffler and others may have traded stocks based on information they obtained from a senate covid-19 briefing. DOJ reportedly launched an insider trading investigation into this issue. This latest bombshell that Senator Burr’s brother-in-law made questionable stock trades on the very same day Senator Burr dumped a significant portion of his stock should be cause for some serious scrutiny by the said DOJ investigators. According to ProPublica’s Faturechi, Burr’s brother-in-law hung up on him when he inquired as to whether there was any coordination with Senator Burr regarding the stock trades. While hanging up on a reporter is not by itself sufficient proof of guilt, it certainly opens up both Sen Burr and Gerald Fauth to a perception by the public that they have something to hide.

Bottom line folks, coronavirus pandemic has dealt a serious blow to Americans whether that be through lost loved ones, lost livelihoods(businesses and jobs), disruption in their children’s education, drastic lifestyle changes in a covid-19 world (masks), just to mention but a few. The idea that as covid-19 was knocking millions of Americans to the ground, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee Richard Burr, Senator Kelly Loeffler and other U.S. Senators were using their privileged positions not to shield Americans from the fall, but to personally enrich themselves, should enrage all Americans regardless of their political affiliation. Simply put, if Senators Burr, Loeffler, et al cannot demonstrate conclusively to the public that they did not engage in covid-19 insider trading, then they need to step aside. The burden should be on them to demonstrate conclusively to public that they did nothing wrong, not for the public to chase them around, begging for transparency.

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