HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge Says Trump Admin Slashed Housing Budget By 40% During Covid

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge dropped a bombshell on the 4/3/2021 edition of MSNBC’s Politics Nation show when she told host Reverend Al Sharpton, that the Trump administration, through Secretary Ben Carson, slashed the housing budget by a whopping 40% as the covid crisis was deepening.

Secretary Fudge told host Reverend Sharpton:“This is really going to shock you, I think, Rev. In his[Ben Carson]budget for the next year, he requested a reduction of 15% across the board, and a 40% reduction just in housing. We know how many people are on the edge of losing their homes, of losing their apartments, and he asks for a reduction of 40%. So that’s what we’re dealing with, someone who consistently for four years, devalued and disinvested in this agency. So we’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re clearly up to the task. ”

Secretary Fudge’s full interview is available here but the relevant clip is below

Even though it is less talked about in the media during discussions about infrastructure, the department of housing and urban development(HUD), is one of the key planks of President Biden’s infrastructure plan, and will be crucial to whether the public consider’s the plan a success or failure, given the direct impact the department has on families. As Secretary Fudge put it, “Housing is one of the most important tenets of infrastructure in this nation. Without decent housing, all of the other things that we are working on are going to be more and more difficult to accomplish…there are resources here to build more than two million new housing units, to catch everyone up on their arrears, as well as to bring them current on their rents and their mortgages…So much of this is going to empower our neighborhoods, and give people the opportunity to change their station in life…It’s going to make sure we remove all of the lead pipes in this country, so that children don’t have to get lead in their water. It is a massive, but necessary piece of legislation.”

Bottom line folks, even though we reflexively think of transportation, and Secretary Pete Buttigieg in particular, every time the infrastructure topic comes up, there’s much more to infrastructure than transportation. If Congress passes Biden’s infrastructure plan, you can rest assured that Marcia Fudge will become a household name.

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