Gov Abbott Says He Never Responded To Sexual Abuse Of Migrants Under Trump Because Complaints Were Filed With Federal Agencies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott(R) appeared on Fox News Sunday (4/11/2021), where he was confronted with a direct question as to why he never spoke out about child sexual abuse at migrant shelters under the Trump administration, the same way he is now speaking out about the issue under President Biden, a Democrat. Gov Abbott responded with a very strange answer, suggesting that because the migrant sexual abuse complaints during the Trump administration were filed with federal agencies, he had no say in them–a totally ridiculous argument.

Host Chris Wallace:“Governor, there were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years…we couldn’t find one instance of you complaining and calling that out when President Trump was President.”

Governor Abbott:“There are multiple differences between what happened in the Trump administration and what is happening now. First, the Trump administration remained in constant communication with me, and with my office, and let us know what was going on. Second, I saw reports about exactly what you are talking about, and saw that those reports were filed with federal agencies. The one that I talked about earlier this past week, were reports that were filed with state agencies–the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Department of Protective and Child Services which is basically child protective services, and so we have a duty to respond to any complaint about child sexual abuse in Texas, as well as to investigate it, and that’s exactly what I did to make sure it was addressed.”

It also bears pointing out that the Texas agencies Governor Abbott now points to, as the reasons for his newfound concern about sexual abuse of migrant children, are packed with his political appointees(Republicans), who might have well ignored similar problems under the Trump administration for political reasons. All in all, as host Chris Wallace correctly pointed out, this is nothing but political theater by Governor Abbott, and has very little, if anything, to do with the plight of migrant children.

Bottom line folks, it’s time for politicians like Gov Abbott, to stop playing politics with the lives of migrant families, and finally come to the table for a real solution to the decades-old immigration problem. One good suggestion would be for Governor Abbott to step aside in 2022, to usher in a serious Texas Governor, who will work hand in hand with the Biden administration to tackle the immigration problem, instead of undermining the administration’s efforts for cheap political points. Abbott’s political game is embarrassingly transparent, and kudos to Fox News’ Chris Wallace for calling it out.

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