Handy List Of The 20 GOP Senators Up For Reelection In 2022

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The 2022 midterm elections are fast approaching and Democrats cannot afford to lose both the House and the Senate to the GOP. Midterm elections traditionally favor the party out of power, so it’s reasonable to assume that Republicans have a good shot of recapturing both the House and the Senate in 2022. Recapturing the House especially favors Republicans given the fact that Republican-controlled states currently have an advantage when in comes to redistricting–they can add/redraw more congressional districts than Democrats.

Democrats however, cannot afford to lose the Senate, which is not affected by the redistricting process. If Democrats lose both the House and Senate in 2022, the Biden presidency will for all intents and purposes be over–at least until the 2024 general elections. Republicans are already abusing the filibuster to stifle President Biden’s legislative agenda, even without control of either chamber (House or Senate), so one can just imagine how reckless they will be, if they take over both the House and the Senate in 2022. Simply put, they will block all of President Biden’s legislative proposals and judicial nominations until the 2024 elections. The upcoming 2022 elections are therefore crucially important for the Biden-Harris agenda.

34 U.S. Senate seats are up in 2022. Out of these 34, 20 are currently held by Republicans, and 14 by Democrats. The map below gives a breakdown of the states where the 34 Senate elections will be held in 2022.

Republican Senators whose seats are up in 2022 include Richard Shelby(AL), Roy Blunt(MO), Rob Portman(OH), Pat Toomey(PA), Richard Burr(NC)–all of whom are retiring(open seats)–plus Lisa Murkowski(AL), Marco Rubio(FL), John Boozman(AR), Mike Crapo(ID), Todd Young(IN), Chuck Grassley(IA), Jerry Moran(KS), Rand Paul(KY), John Neely Kennedy(LA), John Hoeven(ND), James Lankford(OK), Tim Scott(SC), John Thune(SD), and Mike Lee(UT), Ron Johnson(WI)

Democrats are Mark Kelly(AZ), Alex Padilla(CA), **KDH SEAT, Michael Bennet(CO), Richard Blumenthal(CT), Raphael Warnock(GA), Brian Schatz(HI), Tammy Duckworth(IL), Chris Van Hollen(MD), Catherine Cortez Masto(NV), Maggie Hassan(NH), Charles Schumer(NY), Ron Wyden(OR), Patrick Leahy(VT) and Patty Murray(WA).

The U.S. Senate is currently tied at 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans so neither party can afford to lose a seat in 2022. Democrats have a good shot at picking up the open Pennsylvania seat, where incumbent Republican Pat Toomey is retiring. President Biden won Pennsylvania in 2020. Based on a recent Iowa poll showing unfavorable numbers for incumbent Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Senate seat may also be a potential pickup for Democrats. These two pickups for Democrats, would make up for the two Senate seats where they have the biggest vulnerability–Warnock’s Georgia seat, and Mark Kelly’s Arizona seat. While President Biden won both Georgia and Arizona in 2020, these two states have traditionally voted Republican in statewide elections.

Bottom line folks, even though the game plan for Democrats heading into the 2022 elections should be to retain both the House and Senate, special emphasis must be placed on retaining the Senate. Simply put, if the Biden-Harris administration is to survive beyond 2022, Dems must retain the Senate.

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6 Replies to “Handy List Of The 20 GOP Senators Up For Reelection In 2022”

  1. All Republican senators should vote to raise semi-automat is fun purchase ag e to at least 21. There is no need for an ordinary citizen to have one.
    The country is fed up with mass shootings. What is wrong with you that you can’t make understand this. I hope you child or grandchild is never shot by one although then you MIGHT DO what is right.

    1. I hope when somebody attacks my child or grandchild, there is an armed law-abiding citizen who can protect them. The crooks won’t change, and the police will come only to write a report of the accident.

    2. How stupid! How about the Dems start locking up the perpetrators with some serious consequences. And what is the point of having RED FLAGS if idiots ignore them until something happens and we hear the same stupid response…there was a red flag but hey how about we push gun control. Humans used to cut off the hands of the thief, death for the murderer. and silence for the liar by cutting out the tongue…oh but wait… that would eliminate most of the Democrats and all of the RINOs. Thank goodness I’m an Independent who votes for the most fit for the job. Hint Hint…i didn’t vote for this $hit show.

  2. “..Simply put, if the Biden-Harris administration is to survive beyond 2022, Dems must retain the Senate..”. ……… That means they MUST lose it.

  3. Send all Republican Senators home this November. Replace them with rational human beings. Democrats, Independents, Greens, whatever. Just NO MORE REPUBLICANS!

  4. When will congress (Senator ) pass a law to get rid of war guns in this country’s streets? Will it take someone in their family to be seriously hurt or killed by one of these war guns( AR15 or AK47)? Our country is not stable (people) this isn’t getting any better by ignoring this issue. Quit playing politics with people’s lives. Senators have blood money on their hands,

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