Trump Wanted To Sic Active Duty Military On Civil Rights Protesters

George Floyd Protest at Lafayette Square in Washington DC (June 1, 2020)

Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist Carol Leonnig dropped a bombshell on CBS’ Face The Nation (07/25/21), when she told host John Dickerson that during the height of the civil rights protests in the Summer of 2020, former President Trump wanted to “sic U.S. active duty military on civil rights protesters.” Leonnig and co-author Philip Rucker, who appeared on the show to discuss their new book “I alone can fix it”, said senior Trump administration officials were afraid to quit because they feared he would replace them with sycophants, who would support his every move, including unleashing active duty military on civil rights protesters.

The full Face The Nation segment featuring Leonnig and Rucker is available here, but the relevant clip is below.

Carol Leonnig told host John Dickerson: “There’s another thing Phil and I learned that sort of made our jaws drop, which is that–we didn’t know this in real time, or we would have told the American people–many people who were the most ardent supporters of the president, were afraid to counter him because they were afraid who would replace them. Would it be worse? Would there be no bulwark at all against orders to vaccinate people before the vaccine was ready? Would there be a loyalist installed at the defense department who would do what President Trump wanted all of 2020, which was to sic U.S. active duty military on civil rights protesters during the Black Lives Matter Summer.”

Philip Rucker added, “He [Trump] said it was his only regret from the year 2020. He has no regrets, according to what he told Carol and me, about how he handled the pandemic, about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost on his watch. His one regret was that he didn’t send active duty U.S. military troops into Portland, into Seattle, into Minneapolis, into Washington[DC], to go after the Black Lives Matter protesters. These were people demonstrating [against] injustice in the law enforcement system here in this country, and Trump wanted a show of force. He wanted to send the military into the streets to silence them.”

Trump’s abuse of the military remains one of the most underreported stories by the mainstream media, something Yours Truly has repeatedly lamented.

Hopefully now that MSM A-Listers Leonnig and Rucker are raising the military abuse issue, others in the media will dig deeper into what Trump’s Defense Department (DOD) did with anti-Trump protesters generally, and Black Lives Matter(BLM) activists in particular. Were there orders for the military to go after BLM from 2017-2021? Did former President Trump enlist super-Trumper GOP Governors like Greg Abbott(TX), Ron DeSantis(FL), et al, to use their National Guard troops on BLM? If Trump did indeed abuse the military for his political ends, are the officials who effected the abuse still at DOD? Are those anti-BLM military operations still going on under the Biden administration? All these are questions journalists should be confronting Biden’s DOD with.

Bottom line folks, there have been extensive media reports on Trump administration’s politicization of DOJ & DHS, but not even a single one on DOD. It’s about time the mainstream media did a deep dive into Trump’s politicization of the military, so that the public does not lose confidence in this still highly revered American institution. Simply put, it is not only important that our military remains apolitical, but that the public also views it as such.

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