Sen Lindsey Graham Calls For Biden’s Impeachment For “Dereliction Of Duty” Over Afghanistan

Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC) appeared on CBS’ Face The Nation show(08/29/21) to discuss the ongoing evacuation crisis in Afghanistan. At his Face The Nation interview, Sen Graham blasted his “good friend”, President Biden, saying Biden needs to be impeached for “dereliction of duty” over his handling of Afghanistan.

Senator Graham’s full interview on Face The Nation is available here, but the relevant clip is below.

Host Ed O’Keefe:“You called for his impeachment[Thursday] over Afghanistan. Do you still feel he should be impeached over this?”

Sen Graham:“Yeah, I think it’s dereliction of duty to leave hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, turn them into hostages, to abandon thousands of Afghans who fought honorably along our side, to create conditions for another 9/11 that are now through the roof. Yeah, I think he’s been derelict in his duties as Commander-in-Chief. I don’t think he got bad advice and took it, I think he ignored sound advice. This is Joe Biden being Joe Biden. He’s been this way for 40 years, but now he’s the Commander-in-Chief. He’s not a Senator, he’s not the Vice President. These are Commander-in-Chief decisions. I think the best you can describe him is dereliction of duty at the highest level.”

Notice how Sen Graham went out of his way to low-blow his “good friend” Biden, by projecting him as some kind of knucklehead, who’s impervious to wise counsel. Wow, with friends like Sen Graham, who needs enemies?

Bottom line folks, as Yours Truly has repeatedly stated before, expect this “left our people behind” attack line, to feature heavily in GOP campaign ads for 2022. You’re already hearing the same chorus from establishment Republicans like Senators Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse, Rep Liz Cheney , and others. Will TeamBiden/Democrats come up with an effective counternarrative to blunt this GOP attack line in 2022? As Trump famously says, “We’ll see what happens.”

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