Jan 6th Organizers Urged Trump To Intervene To Stop Ali Alexander From Causing Violence At The Rally

A troubling report on MSNBC’s Velshi show(10/02/2021) says that the leaders of the pro-Trump group Women For America First, and other organizers of the January 6th rally, tried desperately to get former President Trump to intervene and stop Ali Alexander and his cohorts, from causing violence at the 1/6 rally. Ali Alexander is an avid Trump supporter and founder of Stop The Steal movement, which aimed to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections in favor of Trump. According to venerable journalist Carol Leonnig, who was a guest on Velshi show, the organizers of the January 6th rally were well aware that prior to January 6th, Ali Alexander was already urging prospective rally attendees, both directly, and through online posts, to come and violently attack the Capitol. The January 6th rally organizers apparently reached out to Trump’s allies at the White House, and even Trump himself for intervention regarding Ali Alexander, but nothing was done to stop him.

Carol Leonnig told host Velshi:“There are, reportedly, people who were warning the White House, and warning President Trump directly, about the potential for violence and chaos, and a promoted march on the Capitol. The folks who are subpoenaed[by January 6th Commission]involve Women For America group, who were complaining to their allies in the White House that Ali Alexander of Stop The Steal, was privately and publicly, arguing with protesters they should march on the Capitol, and trying to promote that online.”

There’s no other way any reasonable person would interpret Carol Leonnig’s statements on Velshi’s show other than, the leaders of Women For America First, and other organizers of the January 6th rally, were fully aware of Ali Alexander’s plans to turn the rally into a violent attack on the Capitol, in violation of their permit, and when they reached out to former President Trump and his allies to stop Mr Alexander, Trump and his allies failed to do so.

To make matters worse for Trump, Leonnig added that there are credible reports indicating that his former campaign staffer Katrina Pierson, directly confronted him with the Ali Alexander problem, meaning Trump was fully aware of the potential for a violent attack on the Capitol. Leonnig told host Velshi: “Katrina Pierson, as described in previous reports, was herself frustrated about the[online]promotion that Ali Alexander was stoking for a march on the Capitol…What’s critical about Katrina Pierson is, in addition to her frustration about this claim, she is tasked with going directly to the President to resolve this dispute between Women For America, a very pro-Trump group, and Ali Alexander of Stop The Steal, a very pro-Trump group. She is reported to have gone to him personally to warn him, and to ask for his help in resolving this…”

So there’s no question that Trump was fully aware of the potential for a violent attack on the Capitol on January 6th. The question for the January 6th Commission will be whether Trump made any effort to prevent the violent insurrection or whether, as many fear, he encouraged Ali Alexander and company, to attack the Capitol and disrupt the certification of the election results.

Bottom line folks, evidence is finally trickling in, confirming what many have suspected all along, and that is, the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol was not a spontaneous event that sprung up among some over-excited Trump supporters, but rather, a well planned, well funded event, that was known by former President Trump and his allies. Reasonable people will agree that if the legal principle “equal justice under law” is still applicable in the United States, then former President Trump and his allies also need to be held to be held accountable by being criminally prosecuted for aiding and abetting the January 6th insurrection in Washington DC.

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