Progressive Rep Ro Khanna Slams Senator Sinema For Blocking Build Back Better Without Explanation

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During his appearance on Fox News Sunday(10/24/21), Rep Ro Khanna(D-CA), took a swipe at Senator Kyrsten Sinema(D-AZ) for blocking the Build Back Better bill, and other Democratic agenda proposals, without offering any public explanations as to her objections. Rep Khanna chastised this apparent media double standard, saying even former President Trump, who was generally hostile to the media, was forced to address the public every now and then–certainly more than the free pass the mainstream media seems to be according Senator Sinema.

Rep Ro Kana’s full interview on Fox News Sunday is available here, but the relevant clip is below

Rep Khanna told FNS host Chris Wallace: “Senator Manchin has been a straight shooter. You know exactly where he stands. I disagree with areas, but I respect that. My concern with Senator Sinema is, why are the rules different for her? Why doesn’t she go on shows like yours? Why doesn’t she explain herself? If she’s shifted her position on Trump tax cuts, explain it. I guess I’ve never seen a politician including frankly the former President Trump, who just totally ducks answering questions of the media or constituents, and that’s my frustration with her. She’s not clear about what she believes.”

Host Chris Wallace also expressed frustration, saying that multiple efforts by Fox News Sunday staff to book Senator Sinema for an interview have all failed, and that the Senator will not even meet them in private.

Bottom line folks, when the most hostile politician towards the media is regarded as being more accessible to the media than a sitting Dem Senator, who’s holding the Dem legislative agenda hostage, then we have a problem. As Rep Khanna correctly stated, it’s time for MSM to end this ridiculous double standard, and start calling out Senator Sinema’s “ducking”.

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