New Court Filings Reveal The Kinds Of Docs Trump Is Trying To Hide From Jan 6th Committee

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CNN reports that a new federal court filing has shed light on the kinds of documents currently at the National Archives, that former President Trump is attempting to hide from the January 6th Committee. Turns out, it’s a massive 700+ pages treasure trove, that includes hand-written notes, emails, memos, draft proclamations, draft executive orders, and talking points, all related to Jan 6th, that could seriously implicate Trump and his allies in the orchestration of the January 6th insurrection

Reporter Katelyn Polantz told CNN Newsroom host Fredricka Whitfield:“We did not know until this point, exactly what Donald Trump was trying to protect when he said, as a former President, he should have executive privilege…and now we know there is paperwork–handwritten notes, emails, memos, draft proclamations, draft executive orders, talking points, all kinds of documents from his top advisers, closest staff. We’re talking about documents that came from the files of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows at the time, from the Press Secretary at the time, and all of these records are records that were are specific to January 6th…”

Katelyn Polantz added that a court hearing on this issue is scheduled for Thursday November 4th, and that if Trump does not prevail at the hearing, these bombshell documents could be released to the January 6th Committee by November 12th.

Bottom line folks, reasonable people will agree that January 6th Committee has a duty to ensure that the public sees these bombshell documents from Trump and his allies, relating to the January 6th insurrection. These documents cannot/must not be hidden from the public.

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