Ivana Trump Recruited Schoolgirls For Epstein?

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Jeffrey Epstein and Ivana Trump

Whitney Webb, an independent journalist best known for her work trying to expose Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex enterprise, recently made some very explosive allegations in a YouTube interview chief among them, that Trump’s ex wife Ivana trump (Ivanka’s mother) worked with Ghislaine Maxwell to recruit underage school girls in the New York area into Epstein’s child sex operation. This and other explosive allegations in the YouTube interview are based on a phone call Whitney Webb recently had with Maria Farmer, one of Epstein’s victims in the 1990s.

Webb specifically said regarding Ivana Trump(video at 4:40); “When she[Maria Farmer] told the FBI in 1996, she said the Clintons were part of it. She also said Donald Trump was part of it. One of the reasons she said that is because Ivana Trump, she said, was with Ghislaine Maxwell when she would go out to recruit girls for Epstein. It was her[Ghislaine] and Ivana Trump, Trump’s ex wife. They would go out together all the time and pick up these 12 year old girls in school uniforms and braces, exchange information with them and the next day they would be in Epstein’s office. She[Farmer] saw between 5 and 10 different girls every day go into Epstein’s office the whole two years she was there. Every day. This is in the 90s. So much of what we know from the other victims is after 2000. The FBI knew this then and they didn’t act and that’s why all those other victims exist. It’s just disgusting.”

Some of the bombshell allegations Whitney Webb makes in this interview are already fairly well circulated among the general public so Yours Truly will just mention them in passing while focusing more on the “new” and frankly more interesting bombshells (Ivana Trump being one of them). Whitney Webb for example says the Clintons were implicated and that the FBI covered up Epstein’s illicit conduct in the 1990s, claims that have been made repeatedly ever since the Epstein scandal broke.

Another interesting bombshell Whitney Webb dropped on the interview is that Victoria’s Secret’s Leslie Wexner and his wife Abigail were the masterminds behind Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation(see video at 8:00). According to Webb, young school girls would be lured into Epstein’s operation under the guise that they were being groomed to be Victoria’s Secret Models. If true, the billionaire Wexners could face very serious criminal conspiracy charges.

As for Vicky Ward, the journalist much celebrated for her Epstein pieces most notably her 2003 Vanity Fair piece, Whitney Webb says not so fast(see video at 12:00). According to Webb, Maria Farmer gave Vicky Ward details about Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation but Ward left them out of her bombshell Vanity Fair piece. As if that was not enough, Ward who was apparently an acquaintance of Ghislaine Maxwell, told Ghislaine that Maria Farmer talked to the FBI about her—essentially ratted out her source. Vicky Ward endangered Maria Farmer’s life so much that she went into hiding. Farmer apparently referred to Vicky Ward as a “monster”, according to Whitney Webb.

Farmer also told Whitney Webb that she fears some of the children involved in Epstein’s Florida operation may have been killed because out of some 500 children only about 30 of them came forward and the rest cannot be found(video at 21:30). She added that some of these children were really young(pre-teen). Importantly, Farmer said that Epstein’s legal team which included Alan Dershowitz, knew all the names of the missing children .

Whitney Webb also talked about a January 2001 article on the Evening Standard (U.K) that has since been scrapped from the internet, which said Epstein’s money came from his business links to three people–Leslie Wexner, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. Webb argues that nobody pushed back on this article(by one Nigel Russert) because back then(2001), Epstein was not a controversial figure(see video at 35:30). Webb also slammed as a total lie New York Times’ recent reporting that Bill Gates first met Epstein in 2011.

Farmer also told Webb that Epstein and people in his circle were extreme White Supremacists and she regularly overheard them speaking about other races, especially Blacks, in the most disgusting way(see video at 37:25). She said Epstein and his pals refused to go anywhere they thought there would be too many people of African descent.

Webb concluded by tying the entire Epstein scandal into a global intelligence operation involving Israel which Yours Truly will deliberately ignore because we will never get to the bottom of it(managing expectations). There are however some bombshell allegations that we could easily get answers to for example, whether Ivana Trump really helped Ghislaine Maxwell recruit young girls for Epstein, the missing 500 children who Dershowitz allegedly knows about, whether Vicky Ward(now at CNN) really ratted out Maria Farmer to Ghislaine Maxwell, whether Bill Gates knew Epstein in 2001 as opposed to 2011, whether Trump financed Epstein(another excuse for his tax returns), the Wexners’ involvement with Epstein, why the mainstream media refuses to act on stories by Maria Farmer and others, just to mention but a few.

Bottom line folks, as Yours Truly has repeatedly stated regarding Epstein’s stories, sunlight is the best disinfectant. It appears the more efforts are made to cover up Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation, the more bombshell revelations come up, the latest clearly being Ivana Trump. It will be interesting to hear what Ivana Trump says regarding these troubling allegations, assuming the mainstream media will be courageous enough to ask her. What will CNN do with Vicky Ward given the troubling revelations about her? Hmm–as Trump famously says, “We’ll see what happens.”

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Epstein’s Death Was A Homicide, Says Family’s Forensic Pathologist

Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother to look into his death said today on Trump’s favorite show Fox and Friends that based on his analysis, the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide by strangulation. Specifically, Baden told Fox and Friends’ hosts, “I think the evidence points to a homicide rather than a suicide” adding, “Because there are three fractures in the hyoid bone, the thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation — homicidal strangulation.”

This of course contradicts the official cause of death given by the New York City Medical Examiner in August that Epstein died of suicide by hanging and is sure to add to the already rampant conspiracy theories surrounding the accused child sex trafficker’s death.

There was already rampant public speculation, including by Yours Truly, that Epstein may have been killed in order to prevent him from giving testimony in his criminal case that might have negatively affected very powerful people, up to and including President Trump, whom he was known to have socialized with. This bombshell revelation therefore that his death was a homicide and not a suicide will undoubtedly lead to questions as to who may have killed him and what the motive behind his killing was?

It also bears pointing out that Michael Baden is a former New York City Medical Examiner so his findings cannot just be dismissed as frivolous. It will be interesting to see how New York City officials who declared Epstein’s death a suicide deal with Baden’s bombshell revelation on Fox and Friends.

Also currently playing out in federal court is a civil suit by one of Epstein’s accusers Virginia Roberts Giuffre where the presiding judge has intimated that she may release the names of some 1000-plus people Epstein had listed on his address book. Yours Truly has written about this issue and there is tremendous appetite for Epstein’s address book.

Bottom line despite Epstein’s death, his case remains one of great public interest. Questions remain about the way he died, and now, whether the public will get to see the people he listed on his address book. Today’s revelation that he may have been killed will only add to the public interest. All Yours Truly can say is, stay tuned!!

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Who Are The 1,000 People Listed In Epstein’s Address Book

Back in September, a federal judge intimated that she was inclined to release the names of the 1,000-plus people the now deceased accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had listed in his address book. Epstein’s contentious address book is part of a defamation lawsuit filed in 2015 by one of his accusers Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Because it is assumed by the general public that whoever Epstein listed in his address book was either a participant or a witness to his child sex trafficking schemes, the news that the federal judge was set to release the names in the address book was very welcome news to the public.

This is especially so due to the fact that Epstein’s suicide in August had raised fears that without his personal testimony, the public would never know which powerful individuals partook in his illicit global rendezvous where children were sexually abused. It was for this reason that Epstein’s suicide drew wild public speculation of a cover-up.

At a court hearing in the beginning of September, the federal judge presiding in the lawsuit intimated that she was inclined to release the names of the people listed in Epstein’s address book and urged any opposing motions to be filed quickly. This to the public was a signal that the address book would be public before the end of September or sometime in October. Well, October is drawing to a close and there’s still no decision on the address book leading many to reignite the cover-up speculations that followed Epstein’s suicide.

Bottom line, as Yours Truly stated in an earlier post, Epstein was a test case for the U.S. criminal justice system. The test was whether someone as rich and powerful as Epstein could face punishment commensurate with the seriousness of his crimes. His suicide in prison has robbed the public of an answer to this question. All that remains is his priced address book. Will the public also be robbed of an opportunity to see who Epstein listed in his address book? As Trump famously says, “We’ll see what happens.”

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Epstein Pressured ABC News Not To Air Guiffre Interview

A bombshell NPR piece confirms what many have suspected all along–that the strange editorial decision by ABC News to sit on an interview with Epstein’s accuser Virginia Giuffre for 4 years was as a result of pressure from Epstein. Specifically, according to the NPR piece, it was Epstein’s high-powered attorney Alan Dershowitz who personally called ABC producers telling them not to air the interview.

There have been a lot of media reports about the clout Jeffrey Epstein commanded in political circles especially his ties to current President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton. This bombshell NPR piece reveals however that Epstein also wielded significant clout in mainstream media circles.

The NPR piece for example recounts how in 2003, Epstein showed up at Vanity Fair’s offices and harassed then Chief Editor Graydon Carter over his plans to publish a piece critical of him. There is also an account of a 2010 party Epstein held at his Manhattan townhome in honor of Britain’s Prince Andrew that was attended by major news anchors Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Rose.

Epstein clearly had a lot of clout in the mainstream media to draw these heavyweight news anchors to his house party. It is against this backdrop that the public is demanding answers as to who at ABC News made the decision to sit on Giuffre’s interview for four long years. We know that Guiffre recorded an hour long interview in 2015 with ABC’s Amy Robach and Jim Hill. The question now is who at ABC News made the decision not to air the interview and why? Did Dershowitz threaten ABC News with a lawsuit?

Bottom line folks, the same way the Epstein saga has raised questions about the criminal justice system, it is also raising questions about mainstream media coverage. Do rich and powerful people pressure mainstream media houses not to cover otherwise newsworthy stories they deem critical of them? How prevalent are these journalistic malpractices? All these are important questions that need to be answered and getting to the bottom of why ABC News sat on an Epstein interview for 4 long years would go a long way in doing that.

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