Camp Ground Manager Pulls Gun On Black Couple Picnicking

In case you missed it, a video showing a White Mississippi camp ground manager pulling a gun at a Black couple having a lakeside picnic elicited a lot of debate on social media. The camp manager apparently felt compelled to pull her gun at the couple because she believed they were there without a reservation. The Black couple did not know they needed a reservation for the lakeside picnic.

Well it turns out no reservation was needed and Kampgrounds of America(KOA), the company the gun-totting woman was working for has since fired her. Acording to KOA, the manager violated the company’s firearms policy. KOA spokesman Mike Gast said the company “does not condone the use of a firearm in any manner” on their properties.

So the manager was fired because she violated the company’s firearms policy but the question for our Weekly Viral section is–Should the camp manager also be criminally prosecuted for brandishing a firearm at an unarmed Black couple?

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