Gov Abbott Says He Never Responded To Sexual Abuse Of Migrants Under Trump Because Complaints Were Filed With Federal Agencies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott(R) appeared on Fox News Sunday (4/11/2021), where he was confronted with a direct question as to why he never spoke out about child sexual abuse at migrant shelters under the Trump administration, the same way he is now speaking out about the issue under President Biden, a Democrat. Gov Abbott responded with a very strange answer, suggesting that because the migrant sexual abuse complaints during the Trump administration were filed with federal agencies, he had no say in them–a totally ridiculous argument.

Host Chris Wallace:“Governor, there were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years…we couldn’t find one instance of you complaining and calling that out when President Trump was President.”

Governor Abbott:“There are multiple differences between what happened in the Trump administration and what is happening now. First, the Trump administration remained in constant communication with me, and with my office, and let us know what was going on. Second, I saw reports about exactly what you are talking about, and saw that those reports were filed with federal agencies. The one that I talked about earlier this past week, were reports that were filed with state agencies–the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Department of Protective and Child Services which is basically child protective services, and so we have a duty to respond to any complaint about child sexual abuse in Texas, as well as to investigate it, and that’s exactly what I did to make sure it was addressed.”

It also bears pointing out that the Texas agencies Governor Abbott now points to, as the reasons for his newfound concern about sexual abuse of migrant children, are packed with his political appointees(Republicans), who might have well ignored similar problems under the Trump administration for political reasons. All in all, as host Chris Wallace correctly pointed out, this is nothing but political theater by Governor Abbott, and has very little, if anything, to do with the plight of migrant children.

Bottom line folks, it’s time for politicians like Gov Abbott, to stop playing politics with the lives of migrant families, and finally come to the table for a real solution to the decades-old immigration problem. One good suggestion would be for Governor Abbott to step aside in 2022, to usher in a serious Texas Governor, who will work hand in hand with the Biden administration to tackle the immigration problem, instead of undermining the administration’s efforts for cheap political points. Abbott’s political game is embarrassingly transparent, and kudos to Fox News’ Chris Wallace for calling it out.

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GOP’s Deficit Arguments Have Become So Ridiculous, They’re Laughable–LITERALLY!!

Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Sunday, laughs at Sen Roy Blunt’s ridiculous response to a question about deficits (4/4/2021)

Senator Roy Blunt(R-MO) appeared on Fox News Sunday (4/4/2021) where host Chris Wallace asked him a direct question as to whether Republicans had lost all credibility regarding deficits, given the way they allowed spending to balloon under Trump, even before the covid-19 pandemic. Host Chris Wallace was basically asking Senator Blunt why the public should take GOP’s opposition to President Biden’s infrastructure proposal seriously, given their spending habits under Trump.

Chris Wallace asked Sen Blunt: “During the Trump presidency, even before the pandemic, the national debt increased by more than $3 trillion, and in 2017, every Republican in the Senate including you, voted for the big Trump tax cuts, which cut revenue by almost one and half trillion dollars, so I guess the question is….hasn’t the Republican Party lost credibility on this issue?”

Even though Chris Wallace’s question was specifically directed at GOP spending under Trump before the pandemic, Senator Blunt’s entire response focused on GOP’s actions after the pandemic. This was such a ridiculous dodge by Senator Blunt, that Chris Wallace burst out laughing, reiterating for the record, “I just want to make it clear. When I talked about the increase in debt during the Trump years, I did it purposely before the pandemic started.”

Bottom line folks, this should serve as a message to Democrats out there, freaking out about a “GOP Tsunami in 2022” brought about by some imaginary “deficits backlash” due to President Biden’s infrastructure plan. As Senator Blunt’s performance on Fox News Sunday clearly shows, Republicans have no legs to stand on when it comes to deficits, given their actions under Trump. Voters will treat such arguments in 2022 the same way host Chris Wallace did–laugh them off. Simply put, Democrats must go big and bold on infrastructure.

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HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge Says Trump Admin Slashed Housing Budget By 40% During Covid

HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge dropped a bombshell on the 4/3/2021 edition of MSNBC’s Politics Nation show when she told host Reverend Al Sharpton, that the Trump administration, through Secretary Ben Carson, slashed the housing budget by a whopping 40% as the covid crisis was deepening.

Secretary Fudge told host Reverend Sharpton:“This is really going to shock you, I think, Rev. In his[Ben Carson]budget for the next year, he requested a reduction of 15% across the board, and a 40% reduction just in housing. We know how many people are on the edge of losing their homes, of losing their apartments, and he asks for a reduction of 40%. So that’s what we’re dealing with, someone who consistently for four years, devalued and disinvested in this agency. So we’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re clearly up to the task. ”

Secretary Fudge’s full interview is available here but the relevant clip is below

Even though it is less talked about in the media during discussions about infrastructure, the department of housing and urban development(HUD), is one of the key planks of President Biden’s infrastructure plan, and will be crucial to whether the public consider’s the plan a success or failure, given the direct impact the department has on families. As Secretary Fudge put it, “Housing is one of the most important tenets of infrastructure in this nation. Without decent housing, all of the other things that we are working on are going to be more and more difficult to accomplish…there are resources here to build more than two million new housing units, to catch everyone up on their arrears, as well as to bring them current on their rents and their mortgages…So much of this is going to empower our neighborhoods, and give people the opportunity to change their station in life…It’s going to make sure we remove all of the lead pipes in this country, so that children don’t have to get lead in their water. It is a massive, but necessary piece of legislation.”

Bottom line folks, even though we reflexively think of transportation, and Secretary Pete Buttigieg in particular, every time the infrastructure topic comes up, there’s much more to infrastructure than transportation. If Congress passes Biden’s infrastructure plan, you can rest assured that Marcia Fudge will become a household name.

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Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Calling For A $10 Trillion Over 10 Years Infrastructure Plan

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY) On The Rachel Maddow Show (03/31/2021)

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on the 03/31/2021 edition of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show(TRMS), to discuss the $2 trillion infrastructure plan President Biden had announced earlier the same day. Rep Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC), told host Maddow that her Progressive colleagues in the House will “absolutely” push for a figure higher than the $2 trillion set out by President Biden, adding that her personal preference would be a $10 trillion over 10 years infrastructure plan.

AOC’s full interview on TRMS is available here, but the relevant clip is below.

Specifically, AOC told Maddow in response to a question as to whether Progressives in the House will push for a figure bigger than $2 trillion: “Absolutely. You know if we could wave a magic wand, and Progressives in the House were able to name any number and get it through, which obviously isn’t the case, but if we are looking at ideals and what we think is the actual investment that can create tens of millions of good union jobs in this country, that can shore up our healthcare, our infrastructure, our housing, and doing it in a way that draws down our carbon emissions to help us get in line with IPCC standards, we are talking about realistically, $10 trillion over 10 years.” AOC added that even though $10 trillion is an “eye popping” figure, it is not in any way unrealistic.

Basically, AOC’s message on TRMS was that even though House Progressives are very appreciative of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, they are looking at the $2 trillion as a starting point, and not necessarily the ceiling. Progressives in the House will work hard for a higher figure. This promises to be quite an interesting battle in Congress, especially given the fact that in the recently passed American Rescue Plan(Covid), House negotiations began at $1.9 trillion and worked their way downwards. It appears for infrastructure, the House negotiations will begin at $2 trillion and possibly end up much higher. Will AOC’s $10 trillion wish come true? Hmm–time will tell.

Bottom line folks, as AOC correctly pointed out, if one considers the fact that for covid relief, Congress passed a one year $1.9 trillion package, it is not unreasonable to assume that for an infrastructure plan, we would need much more than the $2 trillion proposed by President Biden. It is a good thing that AOC threw the $10 trillion figure out there because it will inspire some imagination among House Democrats as to what’s possible–thinking big. Simply put, even though passing a “skinny” infrastructure plan is better than no infrastructure plan at all, House Democrats should not look at President Biden’s $2 trillion proposal as a limiting factor, but instead, like AOC, come up with their own imaginative ideas as to how to revamp our dilapidated infrastructure. All in all, let there be a robust infrastructure debate in Congress, and may the best ideas win.

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Senator Warren Calls For An End To The Filibuster Saying “It Was Born Of Racism”

Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on The ReidOut show (Monday 03/15/2021)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appeared on MSNBC’s The ReidOut show, where she repeated her call to fellow Senate Democrats to put an end to the filibuster. Sen Warren told host Joy Reid that one of the key reasons Democrats needed to end the filibuster was because “it was born of racism”, a factor which by itself, should end any and all further debate about preserving it. The full ReidOut segment is available here but the relevant clip is below.

Sen Warren told host Joy Reid;“Our [Democrats] problem is not just a $15 an hour minimum wage. Our problem is the filibuster, because it blocks us on everything that doesn’t fit through reconciliation. So, we really want to make changes to protect the vote…gun safety…immigration…child care, we have got to deal with the filibuster…..We just need to pitch the thing out. It was born of racism, and a way to try to keep the Southern Senators happy by giving them extraordinary power to be able to block any civil rights legislation, or any anti-lynching legislation, and that’s what it was used for right up until the mid 1960s. And now, [Senator]Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have resuscitated it with a vengeance, first to use it against President Obama, and have indicated they are going to use it against President Biden.”

Think about that, folks. The burning topic of debate among Senate Democrats right now, is whether or not to preserve the filibuster, which as Senator Warren correctly points out, was born of racism, and specifically tailored towards blocking minorities from making gains on the civil rights front. Coincidentally, Southern Senators in 2021, want to preserve the same filibuster so as to strip minorities, majority of whom identify as Democrats, of among other things, their sacred right to vote.

Simply put Senate Democrats, there can be no equivocating on this filibuster issue. It has to go. As Senator Warren correctly put it, “We [Democrats] are in Washington to fulfill our promise to the American people, to make this government work for them, not to give Mitch McConnell a veto.” Any Senate Democrat who votes to preserve the filibuster knowing full well such a decision hands Mitch McConnell a veto with which to will rob millions of minorities of their sacred right to vote, does not deserve their seat. Plain and simple!!

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Who Is Caroline Wren, The Shadowy Trump Insider Behind DC Insurrection?

On the right is an image of Caroline Wren from an October 2018 Politico piece celebrating her birthday

As the stories about the January 6th DC insurrection keep coming out, and the public keeps inquiring about the people who may have orchestrated the event, the name Caroline Wren, a Trump insider and fundraiser, keeps popping up. Caroline Wren apparently played a very significant role in organizing Trump’s January 6th rally, which ultimately led to the infamous insurrection at the Capitol building. Like many political operatives in Washington, Wren maintains a low public profile, and is therefore relatively unknown to people outside Washington, DC. Politico however featured her birthday in October 2018, proving without a doubt, that she is a mover and shaker in DC political circles.

A January 30th ProPublica piece , which delved into people in Trump’s orbit who were intricately involved in the planning of his January 6th rally, has shed more light into shadowy Caroline Wren’s political activities, and importantly, established Wren as the central planner of the rally. Below is an excerpt from the ProPublica piece.

From what we can piece up from this ProPublica piece about Caroline Wren, she served as a deputy to Kimberly Guilfoyle at Trump Victory, a joint presidential fundraising committee during the 2020 campaign. Kimberly as you know, is Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend. According to ProPublica, much of the planning for Trump’s January 6th rally was originally in the hands of one Cindy Chafian. Ms. Chafian was however abruptly pushed aside after a Publix Six Markets heiress, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, committed $300,000 to the event, on condition that Caroline Wren was made the main event planner. Heiress Fancelli essentially booted out Cindy Chafian for Caroline Wren, an issue that begs for further scrutiny by the mainstream media. Interestingly, right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is currently under investigation over his role in the insurrection, was also involved in the decision to ditch Cindy Chafian for Caroline Wren.

There’s also an interesting tidbit from this Twitter handle “The Warning Bell”, which shows Caroline Wren’s close ties to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and defense contractors. Senator Graham as you know, is a very close ally of former President Trump. As a matter of fact, a plausible argument can be made that it was Senator Graham, together with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who gave birth to the “stop the steal” movement, given the way they egged Trump on to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election immediately after it became apparent that Trump was headed for defeat. Did Caroline Wren’s ties to Lindsey Graham and defense contractors have anything to do with the strange insistence that she be the primary organizer of Trump’s January 6th rally? Is this why there were a lot of military undertones at the insurrection?

Bottom line folks, there is no question that the January 6th DC Insurrection was a carefully orchestrated conspiracy, even though it failed to achieve it’s ultimate goal of overthrowing the U.S. government. Where, as here, Caroline Wren appears to have been a key player in the organization and financing of the event that led to the insurrection, reasonable people will agree that the FBI needs to seriously interrogate her. There have been reports that there was a meeting at Trump’s DC hotel on the night of Jan 5th, featuring some of Trump’s most ardent supporters. Did Caroline Wren attend this meeting? Was this the final “huddle up” before the January 6th insurrection? Simply put folks, Caroline Wren must be confronted with these, and many other questions related to the DC insurrection. You can rest assured that unlike the short-attention-spanned mainstream media, Yours Truly, your trusted dog hound, will annoyingly dig into Caroline Wren’s role in DC insurrection, until we get to the bottom of it.

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Trump Got A Mysterious $20-$30M In 2016 From A Las Vegas Hotel Just When His Campaign Needed Cash

Pulitzer winning investigative reporter Susanne Craig of the New York Times dropped a bombshell on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show(02/22/21), telling Maddow that in 2016, just when Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was desperate for cash, he received some $20-$30 million from a Las Vegas hotel–funds that Trump has never really given a satisfactory explanation for. According to Craig, Trump’s only explanation thus far, has been that there are “agreements” underpinning the massive cash infusion, but he has never provided documentary evidence of the specifics of these “agreements”. Susanne Craig speculated that with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision giving New York state prosecutors access to Trump’s tax returns, this mysterious infusion of cash from Las Vegas in 2016, will be one of the things they zero in on.

Susanne Craig specifically said, “In 2016, he[Trump] got several one-time really outsized cash payments more than $20 million that we could see flowing from a hotel in Vegas that he co-owns with another individual to companies that Donald Trump alone controls and then they went out as just huge cash distributions in the middle of the election. He’s said that there are agreements underpinning these…We haven’t seen those agreements so we don’t know, and I think that’s one of the things that probably investigators are going to look at….they were very unusual and it was $20-$30 million coming to him during 2016 when his campaign was running low on cash.” The full Maddow segment is available here, but the relevant clip is below

Susanne Craig also touched on the suspicious “consulting fees” that the Trump Organization paid to Ivanka Trump, as a possible line of inquiry for New York prosecutors. Because this is a story that received widespread media coverage, it would be an exercise in redundancy for Yours Truly to readdress that issue.

Bottom line folks, as Maddow perfectly summed it up, “It’s amazing that we had a candidate for president, ultimately a successful candidate for president, who engineered a mysterious $20 or $30 million payment to himself in the middle of his campaign, and all these years later, it’s still a total black box.” Reasonable people will agree that this must never be allowed to happen again. What if the Manhattan DA’s investigation reveals that the $20-$30 million cash infusion to Trump was from one of our foreign adversaries? How would we know what this country, or countries, got in return? It’s about time we started taking very seriously, H.R.273 – Presidential Tax Transparency Act of 2019, and other similar legislative proposals, that would mandate nominees of all major political parties to disclose several years of their tax returns. This must be done before 2024.

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DC Police Arrested Five Times The Number Of BLM Protesters In One Day Last Summer, Than They Did On Jan 6th

In a recent interview on CNN Newsroom with Brianna Keilar, journalist Mara Schiavocampo made a startling revelation that in one day last Summer, DC Police arrested five times the number of Black Lives Matter protesters than they did on the super violent DC insurrection of January 6th 2021. Now, if this is not proof positive that we have a two-tier system of justice, I don’t know what is, because none of the Black Lives Matter protests we witnessed last Summer, come even close to the level of violence we witnessed on January 6th–a domestic terrorism event on live TV. It also raises serious questions as to why DC police was very well prepared for Black Lives Matter protests, but so woefully unprepared for the January 6th insurrection.

Mara Schiavocampo’s interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar happened against the backdrop of news reports that a federal judge had allowed one of the insurrectionists, a former Army Captain named Gabriel Garcia, to remain free on bail awaiting trial. The federal judge’s decision was shocking because there were recordings of Garcia all over social media, showing him screaming for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meaning his intent at the Capitol building was to cause harm to the Speaker. Additionally, after charges were filed against him, Garcia reportedly showed up for his first pretrial detention hearing with a knife. Reasonable people will agree that no similarly situated Black or Brown suspect would have been allowed to remain free on bail awaiting trial by any federal court, a sad testament to our two-tier system of justice.

Responding to host Brianna Keilar’s question regarding the federal judge’s decision to release Garcia from detention awaiting trial, Schiavocampo said, “This fits squarely with everything that we’ve seen with this insurrection. From the planning out in the open which so many people were able to see it coming, from the way that these insurrectionists were treated when they descended upon the Capitol…and now we’re seeing how it’s playing out in the court system, and we know if this was a Black Lives Matter protest, things would have ended differently. We know that because we saw that happen with the Black Lives Matter protests. These insurrectionists were literally by and large, allowed to storm the Capitol at lunch time, and be home in time for dinner. On one day at a Black Lives Matter protest this Summer, five times the amount of people were arrested by DC police than were arrested on January 6th, so we see these very clear contradictions.”

Schiavocampo then zeroed in on the the glaring disparities between how the bail system works when suspects are Black or Brown, as opposed to when they are White. She said, “The call for justice has never been about equal oppression, it’s been about equal freedom. It’s show us [Blacks and Browns] the same compassion that you are showing others…nobody wants to be judged by their worst actions, and by their worst days, but unfortunately that’s what we see over and over again when it comes to Black and Brown suspects, and when the suspects are not Black and Brown, we are talking about White suspects, they are shown a tremendous amount of leniency, compassion, mercy, and they are viewed through the lens of humanity, and that’s what’s lacking when it comes to minorities in the criminal justice system.”

Bottom line folks, complaints about our two-tier justice system predate the January 6th DC insurrection. The fact however, that DC insurrection has exposed this problem in such an irrefutable manner, means this is something the Biden-Harris administration will have to address head on. Simply put, we cannot have a system of justice that deals with Black and Brown suspects so harshly, but is exceptionally lenient to White suspects, even when the conduct involved is the most serious conduct imaginable–terrorism, overthrowing the government, murdering elected officials, etc. This is an issue that has to be addressed for the sake of the justice system’s credibility.

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Sean Hannity Busted For Lying About “Spontaneous” Presidents Day Crowd For Trump In Florida

On the 02/16/2021 edition of her show CNN Newsroom, host Brianna Keilar masterfully deconstructed the lie perpetrated by Sean Hannity and his friends at Fox News, that a “spontaneous” crowd came out to greet former President Trump in Florida on Presidents Day. Hannity and his friends at Fox News, were of course attempting to use the “spontaneous” crowd lie to perpetuate this perception that Trump is still very popular among the base, and should continue as leader of the GOP.

Sean Hannity said on Presidents Day, “A few hours ago, spontaneously, thousands of people in Palm Beach, lined up in support of the former president as his motorcade travelled through Florida. I have a question [Senators] Mitch McConnell, John Thune, how come you’ve never had this kind of enthusiasm at any of your events?” Hannity then went on to interview Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr asking him, “Looking at your dad coming back from golf, did you see thousands of people out of nowhere? Nobody organized it that I can see, and certainly nobody associated with your father that I know of, do you?” Trump, Jr responded, “No. This is totally organic and again, it just shows that the American people are with Donald Trump.” The full CNN segment is available here but the relevant Hannity clip is below.

Turns out per Brianna Keilar, there was nothing spontaneous about the crowd that turned out to greet former President Trump on Presidents Day, and importantly, Sean Hannity knew this while he was lying on his show. Brianna Keilar then went on to demonstrate how these flagrant lies by Hannity and his pals at Fox News are not only harming our democracy, but also literally tearing families apart. She gave the heartbreaking example of Rep Adam Kinzinger, who is now considered to be in the “devil’s army” by some members of his family, who have confessed to believing the words of Hannity and company religiously. This means others in the mainstream media must follow Brianna Keilar’s lead and confront the flagrant lies emanating from Hannity and his friends at Fox News.

Bottom line folks, after the unfortunate events of the January 6th DC insurrection, which was primarily based on lies spread on Fox News and other right wing media outlets, we can no longer let the network self-police itself. It is very important for the public to call out the flagrant lies coming out of Fox News and other right wing media outlets, as Brianna Keilar routinely does. Simply put, we must not allow the lies emanating from Fox News and other right wing media outlets to go unchallenged. As a matter of fact, it is high time we started chronicling and keeping track of who is saying what on these right wing channels so that when another Jan 6th-like incident happens, we know exactly who to pin the blame on. Good stuff Brianna Keilar, as always.

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Sen Lindsey Graham Hints Republicans May Impeach VP Kamala Harris If They Take Over The House

Senator Lindsey Graham on Fox News Sunday (02/14/2021)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on Fox News Sunday on February 14th 2021 to talk about former President Trump’s acquittal by the U.S. Senate, which happened the preceding Saturday. Unsurprisingly, Sen Graham, second only to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the staunchest Trumpers in the Senate, excused Trump’s conduct at his appearance on Fox News Sunday. Sen Graham however went a step further and told host Chris Wallace what he really came there to announce, and that is, should Republicans take back the House in 2022, they should immediately impeach VP Kamala Harris as payback for Trump’s latest impeachment.

Senator Graham said, I condemn what happened on January the 6th, but the process they[House Democrats] used to impeach this president[Trump] was an affront to rule of law…..We’ve opened pandora’s box to future presidents and if you use this model, I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if the Republicans take over the House, because she actually bailed out rioters, and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened pandora’s box and I’m sad for the country.” The full segment of Senator Graham’s interview is available here, but the relevant clip is below

Make no mistake about it, Senator Graham did not go on Fox News Sunday to throw out hypotheticals about future impeachments. He went there to instruct Republicans that if they take over the House in 2022, they must immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against VP Kamala Harris, to avenge his idol Trump. Sadly, this is what this once respected Senator from South Carolina has devolved to–an unabashed lackey for Trump. The same is true for Senator Ted Cruz, and God only knows what former President Trump has on them

Bottom line folks, Yours Truly has repeatedly stated that Trump did not do all the damage to this country during his presidency by himself. At every turn, he benefited from willing abettors like Senators Graham, Ted Cruz and numerous other members of Congress.

Where, as here, Sen Graham throws out hints about a possible impeachment of VP Kamala Harris, the mainstream media and politicos in Washington should interpret it for what it is–a directive from Trump through his trusted lieutenant Lindsey Graham, for House Republicans to impeach Kamala Harris at their earliest opportunity, as payback Trump’s second impeachment. Simply put, the mainstream media and Washington politicos should quit being “surprised” by the actions of Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, and start treating their pronouncements about Trump, as direct instructions from him.

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