Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Enters The 2024 Presidential Race

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Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson appeared on ABC’s This Week show(04/02/23) where he among other things, announced that he has made a decision to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Gov Hutchinson told host Jonathan Karl that he will make a formal announcement in Bentonville, “later in April.”

Gov Hutchinson also reiterated his earlier assertion that former President Trump, who’s also seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, should step aside following his indictment by a Manhattan grand jury. Hutchinson specifically said(2:50): “The office is more important than any individual person, and so for the sake of the office of the presidency, I do think that it’s too much of a sideshow and distraction, and he needs to be able to concentrate on his due process and presumption of innocence.”

Importantly, Gov Hutchinson also drew a sharp distinction between himself and most of his fellow Republicans who have sought to downplay the seriousness of the Manhattan indictment and other investigations the former president is currently under. He said the investigations are “very serious” when you look at them together.

Gov Hutchinson specifically said(4:46): “Let’s look at the three different investigations, one is the hush money out of New York. Secondly, it is the request and pressure for votes out of Georgia, and the third one of course, is the mishandling of classified documents in Maralago. Those are three very serious investigations. You might say one of them doesn’t showcase anything, but when you look at all three of them combined, it should give Americans pause.”

Gov Hutchinson is not a household name in America, but as he stated in the interview, he has a long and illustrious resume in public service. He has served as a prosecutor, a member of Congress, director of the DEA, and two-term governor of Arkansas. On top of that, he’s the archetypical conservative Republican in the Ronald Reagan mold, all of which add up to make him a very serious candidate for president.

Will Republicans in 2024 dump the bombastic, indictment-ridden Trump, and settle for a “clean”, even “boring” archetypical conservative Republican like Gov Hutchinson? We’ll see what happens, but Yours Truly will go out on a limb and say, they will.

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