GOP Complicit In Trump’s Racism

Ever since Trump descended the golden escalator at Trump Tower and declared his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency, there have been questions about whether he is a racist. Political pundits agree that Trump’s very rise to political prominence is directly tied to his clamor for former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate even though he knew full well Obama was a born in the U.S.–the racist “Birther” movement.

Since then we’ve seen his attack on Mexican immigrants calling them among other things “rapists”, his defense of White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA with the “good people on both sides” argument, his attack on African immigrants with the “shithole countries” remark and the latest, his attack on predominantly Black Baltimore as a “rat infested” city that “no human” would want to live in.

It appears at every turn Trump shows us his openly racist tendencies but for some reason, we are not yet ready to accept what we are witnessing. Folks, when it comes to Trump’s racism, there is nothing left to see. This is a racist President who has made a conscious decision that racial divisions will benefit him electorally in 2020.

More importantly, congressional Republicans who have steadfastly stood behind this President know about his racist tendencies but have likewise made the conscious decision that Trump’s race-baiting benefits them electorally. Congressional Republicans have therefore opted to either remain silent in the face of Trump’s racist attacks, or when they do  criticize it, they do so in the vaguest of terms so as not to upset him.

It is therefore time for Democrats and indeed the mainstream media to hold these elected Republicans accountable for aiding and abetting Trump’s racism. We need to disabuse ourselves of this notion that Trump is the big bad racist over there and over here we have his loyal congressional Republicans who support him in all his other agendas but his racism. It’s about time we adopted comedian D.L. Hughley‘s stance on Republican support for Trump which is that, they support Trump because of his racism.

Bottom line as we approach the 2020 elections, Democrats need to start saying it loud and clear that Trump is pursuing a racist campaign and start calling out Republicans running for office as being complicit in his racism. Democrats cannot just sit idly by and watch Trump as he runs his racist campaign. They must make it very clear to the voters in 2020 that Republicans are complicit in Trump’s racism and therefore don’t deserve to get elected. This especially applies to vulnerable 2020 Republicans like Senators Susan Collins (Maine), Cory Gardner(Colorado), John Cornyn (Texas) and Martha McSally(Arizona)

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