Is Russia Helping Trump In GOP Primaries?

The mainstream media is fawning over Trump with stories about how the GOP has become “the party of Trump”. To prove this, they point to the GOP candidates that have won their primaries as a result of Trump’s endorsement–the latest one being Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

What is missing from the mainstream media’s narrative on this so called ” Trump effect” is the yet unanswered question–are the Russians helping Trump?

Think about that folks, from a purely logical standpoint–If Russians were accused of helping Trump against his GOP opponents in the 2016 presidential primaries(especially Ted Cruz), and Russians helped Trump beat Hillary Clinton, is it a stretch to assume that the same Russians who are interfering in 2018 would be pushing for a Trump-friendly congress? A Congress full of people who “owe” Trump/Putin for their election would be more inclined to say, vote to lift Russia sanctions.

The mainstream media needs to stop fawning over the so-called”Trump-effect” and start asking whether this is really “Putin effect”. If the mainstream mefia was curious enough to pursue this valid line of questioning, it may encourage the Republicans being “upset” in the primaries by Trump endorsees to challenge the election results.

Bottom line the mainstream media should develop a little skepticism surrounding the so-called ” Trump effect” in the GOP primaries. If Russians helped Trump in the GOP presidential primaries, then in the 2016 general election against Clinton, it is not too far fetched to assume they would be tinkering with the GOP primaries now. A Trump-compliant congress is key to Putin’s central mission–lifting of the crushing Russia sanctions

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