Does Twitter Shadowban? I Report, You Decide

The question as to whether Twitter shadowbans certain tweets rages on with no definitive answer yet. As usual, Twitter vehemently denies ever engaging in shadowbanning, which is essentially speech censoring.

Rather than accuse Twitter of shadowbanning/censoring I’ll let you look at these videos and decide for yourself if Twitter hid/shadowbanned/censored my tweets. Essentially I report, you decide!!

Also check out this March 12 tweet tagging DOJ-OIG, DHS-OIG and DOD-OIG. It shows that it has two replies but the replies are not visible. One reply shows up every now and then but when you click on it, it does not point to this OIG tweet. Weird.

Also check out this April 17 tweet about FoxNews’ Tomi Lahren downplaying covid-19. The tweet clearly shows that it has 9 replies but only one reply is shows up when you click on the tweet. It is in reply to a Trump tweet. Hmm

Also check out this May 1 tweet about FBI’s cointelpro surveillance program. Why does it keep disappearing? Hmm

Also check out this Aug 14th tweet about bringing RICO charges against Trump’s Postmaster General over his USPS shenanigans. Why does it keep disappearing? Hmm

Also check out this Aug 17th tweet? Hmm

Also check out this Nov 24th tweet? Hmm

Also check out this Nov 28th tweet? Hmm

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Is The Surveillance State Targeting Dems Using Twitter

California ACLU Technology and Civil Liberties Director Nicole Ozer penned a very troubling piece in December 2016 on how federal spy centers aka fusion centers are increasingly using Twitter for mass surveillance.

According to Nicole’s piece a company called Dataminr, partly owned by Twitter, provides the federal spy centers(fusion centers) with tweet data, including GPS location, which the spy centers use for surveillance purposes. Twitter says it stopped Dataminr from providing tweet data to fusion centers in 2016 but given the Trump administration’s demonstrated hostility towards any form of criticism especially on Twitter, any reasonable person would go back and verify whether Dataminr has indeed stopped its cooperation with federal spy centers.

The article also points out that this kind of Twitter surveillance is  directed more at minorities and political activists. It is therefore not a stretch to suggest that #TheResistance movement which has grown in leaps and bounds on Twitter since December 2016 when Nicole Ozer penned her article, has also become a target of these federal spy centers(fusion centers). In other words there is reason to believe that Dem activists are increasingly being subjected to surveillance by these federal spy centers over their anti-Trump tweets–a clear cut violation of their first amendment rights.

Bottom line congressional Dems must demand hearings on this troubling nexus between Twitter and federal spy centers to make sure the public(especially Dems) are not being punished with unconstitutional surveillance for their anti-Trump posts on Twitter

Alternatively, because congressional Dems have developed a reputation for weakness, ACLU’s Nicole Ozer should revisit the issue and inform the public as to whether Dataminr really terminated its cooperation with federal spy centers as Twitter alleged in 2016.

Yours Truly already knows the answer to this question but will give Twitter/Dataminr the benefit of the doubt nonetheless.

For those of you very happy with @Emolclause’s activism don’t shy away from the “tip jar” below on your way out