Shocking Racist Voicemail By Trump Evangelical

We’ve always always wondered just what kind of Evangelical Christian supports Trump, given his penchant for lying, division and even hostilily towards non-whites. Well wonder no more. Here’s a shocking racist voicemail al attack one such evangelical leveled at Bishop Talbert Swan, a black Pastor, who later shared it on Twitter

In the racial attack you get all of the lingo usually associated with President Trump–“fake” Pastor”, “lyin” Obama and then the hate for immigrants–“go back to Africa”.

Yours Truly routinely attacks Evangelicals who blindly support Trump and hopefully this shocking video opens up your eyes as to why.

Bottom line something has gone terribly wrong with the U.S. evangelical movement especially as relates to their blind support for Trump. As this video clearly shows, there is no Evangelism left in the Evangelicals currently supporting Trump. Evangelicals of good conscience need to stand up and right this ship.

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